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Thoughts on the State of The Union Address

Coupla observations about things while I was checking out the hall audience during the Prez's speech on 1/24:
1) Our country is being run by wealthy, old men and (some) women. Not old like in their 60's, but ancient, in their 70's & beyond. Great. No wonder things in the U.S. are so F'd up...out of touch people with no clue who go to bed too early to keep up with anything pertinent.

The "divide" between the two major parties (Dems & GOP) was on full display (not that it needed to be). In my opinion, there are too many standing ovations, but one side of the audience, with few exceptions, sat during every ovation for the President. Like they had a stick up their asses and were glued to their seats. They wouldn't have gotten up to show any kind of respect if their pants were on fire.

01/25/2012 12:47PM
Thoughts on the State of The Union Address
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03/30/2012 11:32AM
Speaking of being disrespectful....
Why do you have that Ted Nugent A-Hole on your show...? After he called our Senator Clinton many nasty things and told her she should suck his machine gun during one of his GOP rallies. Who is going to be tomorrows guest..Rush Limbaugh?
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