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Today (Feb 16) is the day that tougher anti-texting laws go into effect; if you are caught texting while driving you will now receive 2 points on your license in addition to the already existing $100 fine. I hope this will deter some folks from that dangerous activity, but I'm not very optimistic.  I still see countless numbers of people with the cell phone stuck to their head as they drive...this is bad but nowhere as bad as all of the distracted drivers who are texting.  According to a Harvard University study, cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year.
Just last week, I was almost involved in 2 crashes: 1 person ran a stop sign because they were looking at their shiny device, and the other near-crash was in a Wegman's parking lot, when a woman almost hit my car while she was backing out of a space while she was texting. I hope that these offenders get caught. I hope people realize that they are not the exception to the law...it's enough to make a person want to do violence to these dangerous idiots. If those who text & drive get into a crash, they'll get no sympathy from me...some folks need to learn the hard way. Sadly, there is no guarantee that they will. I just fear for the people who are abiding by the law, who through no fault of their own, can be hurt or killed due to someone else's stupidity, selfishness, and inattention.
If you text while you drive, I hope you get what you deserve. This is a no-brainer...there is no text or phone call that an individual needs to respond to while operating a 2 ton hunk of speeding machinery.

02/16/2011 2:41PM
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02/16/2011 2:56PM
Well said
Just heard you talk about this. I couldn't agree more with you. Well said Kan-OGary Fillion
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