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Thank you! This morning we raised close to $875 for Intervol, a Rochester community based non-profit organization dedicated to serving others through the recovery and redistribution of medical supplies and equipment; to bridging local hospitals and medical professionals with other countries and care-giving organizations in areas of need. For the next few months Intervol will be focused on Haiti. Learn more about Intervol at We like to go "grass roots" when we raise money. It's just us and you! We put people on street corners with home made signs begging for money and you give! Thank you! It is a very unconvential fund raising method, some people do not give because they do not believe it is legit. It is! And some of the Break Room faithful, Pat Duffy, Toothless Eddie, Willie Lightfoot, Carl the Bills Fan, and listener Cathy with her family, stood freezing in various parts of town with their home made signs for about 3 hours and with very little pre-promotion raised close to $875! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have the best listeners. Cathy's home made sign Toothless Eddie and his home made sign in the Break Room Your cash donations turned into a money order for Intervol

01/22/2010 12:40PM
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01/25/2010 6:42AM
Bill Netchke
Wanted to let you know that John Parinello is gonna be inducted into the section five football Hall of Fame on April 1st @ RIT.
02/24/2010 7:35AM
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