The Break Room
M-F 6:00 - 10:00am

The Break Room is Rochester's funniest, best looking, smartest and most interactive morning show. Here, the comedians are actually funny, the scotch is always flowin', the Guiness is always on-tap and the day's events are always covered. And mocked.

Bill Moran

Bill, Billy, Mo, Moranimal. All the same dude. Quite simply, Mo leads the shazit out of the The WCMF Break Room. He keeps it on track and well stocked with exciting content, relevant guests, silly bits, unique contests, pranks and of course his “behind-the-scenes” magic. Described by some as a work-a-holic, Mo balances the affects of his high demand job with sarcasm, jokes and childish antics. Bill is the first one to bust balls and the first to feel bad about it. Referred to by respected industry heavyweights as “one of the best radio talents in the country”.

You couldn’t guess by the organization of his office or the cleanliness of his car that Bill has the show clicking better than ever! He takes the show ever so personally and it is painfully evident in his daily post-show self critiques. When Bill isn’t working his ass off you’ll catch him at the YMCA with his three boys Jackson, Jordan & Jamesonwith his lovely wife Jenna.

Moranimal has been in the radio biz for more than 20 years, starting with overnights, then the host of a morning radio show on WZNE, (from which he was fired), followed by his present gig at WCMF. A country bumpkin from Poughkeepsie, NY and graduate of St. John Fisher College (after being kicked out for a short period), Mo exudes creativity and vision. He is one of those people that simply “gets it”. He is also funny as hell – his mannerisms and stories, mostly spins of real life encounters and family holiday gatherings, are relatable to all. A genuinely nice guy, Bill will spark up a conversation with anyone whether on the elevator or at the grocery store…..and you’ll definitely want him at your next brainstorming session!



Tommy Mulé

Military school did nothing for Tommy Mulé. Originally from Florida, Tommy was a touring stand-up comedian before moving to Rochester, NY in 1993 in his run down Geo Metro with $30 in his pocket. Tommy now offends thousands of listeners a day as one of the cast members on The WCMF Break Room. Tommy adds hysterical, sometimes childish, often intellectual color commentary to just about any topic. Today, Tommy has become a well dressed, scotch drinking, Johnston & Murphy shoe wearing Rochesterian, drives a Vision Hyundai and has several endorsement deals.


Dan Borrello

Which one of these things is not like the other? Of course, it had to be a bizarre fit to bring-in a Born Again Christian to a morning show with roots firmly planted in agnosticism and atheism, Christian Dan seems to have adapted, grown a spine in the process and held his own.

Dan (or, "Dannnneeee!" as everyone affectionately calls him) produces The Break Room, and anchors sports reports. When he's not booking guests, answering phones, taking Bill's calls at all hours of the day, chauffeuring Tommy from Break Room events, running the board, making promos and bits, asking people what they're doin' at the courthouse, attending church, watching his beloved New York Yankees, or writing sports columns for his local paper, he's fronting his local band Digglers Bridge, where he turns into his alter-ego, "Dan Diggler."

Like Bill, Dan is a graduate of St. John Fisher College and has worked in Rochester radio since 2001. And he couldn't be happier here in The Break Room, or in Rochester for that matter. And even if he could, the guys wouldn't allow it.

And he's also about 40 pounds lighter than his picture lets on.