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Shut Up, Alice

I'm guessing that there aren't too many readers of the"Palm Springs Boxing Examiner" around these parts, so let me briefly summarize:

Rocker Alice Cooper was quoted recently in this on-line Boxing journal (Boxing?) as saying that he is disappointed and cannot understand why ROBERT PLANT wants to move on from his legendary work w/ Led Zep and instead, play what he calls "folk music." Sez Alice, "Jimmy Page wants to do it, John Paul Jones wants to do it, & they've got Bonham's son, who is a killer drummer...all they need is Robert Plant." He goes on with some other judgemental & disrespectful comments in the article.
Now, I respect Alice, and I grant him his due for his own long, successful Rock & Roll career. I am glad that his contributions to music have been recognized and acknowledged, and that he's made it to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year.
But Alice...shut up.  Please.

First, I don't know that I'd want to see a Zep reunion for the same reason that R Plant doesn't; those days are a long time ago, and it's a different "feel" for a 60+ year old guy to try to belt out the trademark Zeppelin Crunch. That aspect of the Mighty LZ still sounds good on the radio, and granted, the acoustic songs by Zep are a treat anytime, but Robert's heart ain't in to a Zep reunion, and that's good enough for me. Who wants to see one of the greatest Rock singers ever  just going thru the motions? Not me. Besides, he DID get back with Jimmy Page (in the 1990's) for the
"Un-Ledded" sessions/album/DVD as well as 2 albums under the name "Page & Plant, and not one but 2 world tours where Zep material was played alongside the new songs.  It's my opinion that those albums & tours helped RP expunge whatever Zep he had left inside.  I have nuthin' but props for Robert Plant because of how he has never stopped evolving, never standing still in his musical journey.  His solo LP's are some of my favorite recordings, and his latest direction, embracing and immersing himself in traditional Americana and Blues music is just another step in in an always evolving, compelling musical career. And you know what? He's doing a great job...no one sounds like Robert Plant. His vocals remain strong, and he excercises much more nuance in his singing than just "belting" 'em out.

This is what Robert Plant wants to do, what he enjoys doing.  He's not living in the past altho he could be very well compensated for doing that.  Rather he continues to explore, expand his horizons, and place his indelible stamp on whatever music is his focus. That's a true artist. So Alice Cooper, shut up, and mind your own career.

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01/31/2011 1:27PM
Shut Up, Alice
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02/02/2011 3:49PM
With love to big Bird
I think the real reason is Robert Planet just cant sing those songs like they supposed to be sung, therefore him avoiding the comments about how he "aint what he used to be"!!Although Id love to see a Zep reunion, it is doubtful they would beanywhere near as good as "they used to be". I'll live with my memory of seeing them at MSG in 75 & 77.....possibly you were at the show with me, Mambo King! Dr Howie from FLA
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