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Satanic Sex Rituals

Lately I've been meeting a lot of people through twitter - we tweet back and forth and have wound up at the same bar and start talking. Some people do the online dating thing and some people do the online stalking/I want to kill you thing. That's what our rock life story is about today.
Dateline Wednesday November 9th 2011 Milwaukee Wisconsin - I want you to meet 22-year-old Rebecca Chandler. Rebecca had gone on the internet and was communicating with an un-identified 18 year old man from Phoenix, Arizona. The two talked for a while online, until eventually they decided to meet up and have sex...with this guy traveling by bus, all the way to Milwaukee from Phoenix. 1800 miles on a bus. For sex.
So this guy gets there and Rebecca shows up with her friend, 20-year-old Raven Larrabee, and they offer up a threesome. Of course this 18 year old is gung ho about it! He's all for it!
The three go back to Rebecca's apartment where the two women tie the guy up and get down to doing the Indiana Boner and the Temple of Poon part 3. When they're done with the threesome, this is where the bad news comes in...because the two women start stabbing him.  Over and over and over again. And not in the happy fun time way. Apparently the threesome was part of some Satanic Sex ritual these girls had read in "The Necromantic Ritual Book". 
When the cops finally found him, after he was reported missing by people back in Arizona, two days later, he had close to 300 shallow stab wounds . . . but somehow he was still alive.
During a search of the apartment, police found several satanic books, and the two women were arrested on suspicion of reckless injury, but haven't been charged yet. The man is recovering in the hospital.
That is your rock life story for today, Wednesday November 16th 2011

Cick Here for the news link.

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11/16/2011 1:55PM
Satanic Sex Rituals
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