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Ren Square

Y’know, I wanna see a revitalized, happening, downtown Rochester as much as anybody. Without a vibrant downtown area, the city will continue to be a destination for people going to work and precious little else. The tumbleweeds will roll down Main Street every night at 6:30, right after the sidewalks are rolled up. I hope the people in charge of the city & the county will be able to come to agreement on the Renaissance Square project. BUT….if you don’t have the money for a Performing Arts center, then you can’t build one! Everybody would like to have a nice house, but if you or I don’t have the money, and no one’s lending it to us, you can’t build that house. Just because you want it doesn’t mean you’re gonna have it. A new performing arts center is appealing to everyone, but let’s be real…there’s no money for it. A downtown MCC is crucial and a new bus terminal will be a welcome addition for the people who ride the bus regularly. There’s gotta be a way to have them and make the project work! Trying to build a Performing Arts Center without the $$ is destined to join the Fast Ferry as a huge mistake.

07/20/2009 8:34AM
Ren Square
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08/22/2009 10:22AM
Chris Young
Dave, Thanks for doing the job so many years! From one who remembers not only BBF, but HFM and SAY. Ren Sq. is a joke in very poor taste. This city '65 and on or not, spent its money on a 4-floor in-city jail, then recently, they made it 4x's as large! Rochester's is in debt for the next 100 years and its showplace is One Rochester Plaza. Let's hope with Democratic Governance in Monroe Cnty, in the 21st Century, city property taxes will at least go down while we try to pay for it. Chris Young and the United Heads for Hemp and cotton, formerly of Pittsford, NY
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