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Hey Bills Fans,
It’s been a long week full of changes and more injuries; very tough for all of us here as I’m sure it’s the same for all of you. At this point in the season, our goals have changed. Playoffs are out of the question, and if that is the driving force of a season what else do you play for? Well the Bills, just like all other teams in our situation, tell their players the same this very same thing: Its evaluation time. We have to work towards next year and see who can help us win the championship next year. That’s the reality of the business. Everyone is fighting for their jobs.  Every year, we just want to keep playing.   In this business- just like that- you can be out in the streets. 
I can see where you can think that we have given up on this season by looking forward to next year but that is not the case. What is the best way to show you can help the team win next year? Simple, just win this year. Finish the year on a winning streak and that will speak to the staff that we have good people around here. That is our new goal. It’s not glamorous or exciting but it’s the truth and it takes character to look at the depressing facts and continue to move toward those goals.
Finally the snow is falling in Buffalo! What a great day to get the kids outside, grab the sled and head to a hill. Or just let the dog run around and share the same excitement as us! It’s about time in my book and DEFINITELY time in my wife’s book. Hell, she woke up early today to go look out the window and see if the snow started to fall yet!!! Geez, go to sleep woman! Once it starts, it’s not going to stop for a long, long time. This is Buffalo, where it snows half the year and the people are proud of it! I have to ask a question, do you guys actually take advantage of the winter wonderland?  Really get out there and enjoy what the “season” has to offer? If you asked me I’d say no, you don’t- and I’d like to be proved wrong. You see, there is so much to do around here and I always feel I never see anyone outside! I am dying to try out the ice-fishing, I love the snow skiing town of Ellicottville (not to mention EBC’s brewery located there!) , there are plenty of sled hills, and I even saw a snow tubing facility on the 90 between Buffalo and Rochester. Lots to do… in the town that gets a rap for having nothing to do! So tell me locals, do you really take advantage of the things that other people have to save their money & travel to go enjoy?

12/12/2011 5:51AM
What's Next
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