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"The Unknown Bills Blogger"

Remember the Titans?

Hey Bills Fans,

Sure wish you could see us get after the Titans this weekend but I guess you’ll see the highlights after you watch some other game…that’s not blacked out.  It’s a real shame how fast our early games sold out when we were winning.  Now we are in the middle of a losing streak and get a blackout.  Not to mention we still have a shot to make the playoffs!  That doesn’t matter to some and I can’t say I blame you fans.  It’s been too long since we have made it and too many times you guys have ridden the hope, brought yourselves to the game, and risked being letdown again. 

Good news is that’s about to come to an end. 

We are on our way to making it.  This year, yes we have a chance.  Is it a sure thing?  Of course not, we still do need some outside help, but you have to admit things are changing for the better and good things are about to come our way.  Think back to something you really wanted but had to work super hard to get.  Wasn’t it that much sweeter when you finally got it because you had so much more invested in it?  I’m telling you, being a Bills fan is the same way, you die hards that make it to the game every week and freeze in the December weather, for years knowing the playoffs were out of reach will be the happiest fans out there when we do make it.  Stay loyal to us and reap the rewards that are sure to come both our ways!

We will beat the Titans this week.  We are tired of losing and can’t stand it anymore.  We have dreams and aspirations for this team, this year, and we have no other choice but to win. 


1)      Do you guys get paid all year long or just during the season? I bet it's just the season, but my dad says it's year round. - Jimmy, Henrietta

We get paid strictly during the season.  Whatever, your yearly salary is gets paid out in seventeen checks, one after each game.  Only catch is that if you get cut after Week Four (for instance) you only receive 4/17ths of your yearly salary.  Professional football is the only sport in which the contract you sign is not guaranteed.  The easiest way to summarize it is that it is “contingent on performance” so if you are struggling they can cut you without pay.

2)      After four straight losses, what is the mood in the locker room at this point? And can you talk about Marcel Dareus' speech before the Jets game? - Bill, Pittsford

Can’t really talk about Dareus’s speech more so than what has already been said, that stuff stays in the locker room.  But as far as the mood goes, I’d say it’s not nearly as excited as when we were 5-2.  There is a time and a place for everything.  When you are winning it was ok to joke around and laugh a lot as long as you are working hard.  When you are losing, there is no reason to have that same demeanor so you just do your job and try your best to get back to where you were.  We are all still very hopeful and all still doing our best to make this right.  We plan to win out these next 5 games and see where we are.

3)      How, as a team, can you prevent injuries? Seems like there are a lot this year, especially around the league. - (No Name)

Actually, I was just talking to the trainers asking them this question.  They actually said there are no more injuries than normal at this point in the season.  They did say we have more people on IR but that’s not directly related to the injury, it more has to do with timing of the injury, state of the season, and the teams need for bodies at specific positions.  If I knew how to prevent injuries, I could probably retire tomorrow, start my second career as a team consultant and make far more money than I could playing  this game!!!  What makes it so tough is all different theories have been tested and it seems the injury numbers stay constant.  ACLs for example, typically have nothing to do with the condition or lack of condition a player is in, but more to do with the fact that this generation of football players are faster and heavier than ever before.  We generate more force than ever and the same ACL has to handle all that additional force.

Catch up with you next week Bills fans.


(For Now) Your No-Named Buffalo Bill

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12/05/2011 4:45AM
Remember the Titans?
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