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Pick-Up Trucks

The poll results are in, and at least for now, male drivers of big ass pick up trucks are the worst on the road.  Yep, it's true.  The fellas who drive them (most of 'em, anyway) think they're driving a freakin' express locomotive! Hell some of them have those cow-catcher front bumpers to help look the part. 
F-150's, GMC Sierras, Dodge Rams, Dualies,and all the rest, driven by guys who must feel that they own the road and every other vehicle is the same as the dots that get eaten up on Pac-Man.  Don't get in front of them 'cause they'll be right up your ass, even in the fast lane @ 65mph.  You got a flashing yellow light and a big plow on yours? Good for you...doesn't make you an official vehicle or anything...too big, too aggressive, too fast. 'Cause there just ain't enough horrible drivers already...

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12/10/2010 10:56AM
Pick-Up Trucks
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12/10/2010 1:31PM
You said it Kane-O!
My biggest satisfaction is when they go flying off the road because they hit a patch of black ice. I just smile and wave, as I and my little Subaru Legacy cruise on by... ♥ Hannah ☺
12/13/2010 8:08AM
I think you may have saved my life
Saturday, you mentioned on the air to "Play nice" while driving; that there was alot of impatient drivers on the road and to take it easy. Right when you said that, I was going to pass a minivan, but then I took my foot off the gas and slowed down. Next second, the minivan SMASHED HARD into a pick up truck (*you may have saw this accident on the news yesterday). That could have easily been me. You never know what your words will do. Thanks.
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