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Perpetual Mope

Football season. It's coming. It's not here yet, no matter what you read or see at 6 or 11,  but its coming. Training camp and preseason--outside of the first 15 minutes of tonight's Bills-Skins match-up near the District--really don't count. It only counts after that Thursday night affair on NBC when the Giants take the field against those Redskins who've made the team. Meanwhile, this "blogger" has given the Bills a lot of flack on The Break Room. It's hard not to when your C.O.O. has a background in marketing instead of scouting, hired basically as an extension of Ralph Wilson's meddling hands. I'm not killing Russ Brandon, but Bills history has taken a karma-tic downfall since Mr. Wilson canned Bill Polian and the owner's best move since Jim Kelly's retirement was signing Doug Flutie. Think about that. Then, it was Wilson who reportedly overruled Wade Phillips and started Rob Johnson for the Music City Musical. And the Bills haven't seen the playoffs since. Call Wilson a Marcel Paton of his day. And he has many days to choose from. It's pretty sad when you can't pick a favorite memory in Bills history from an entire millennium. But since the 1999 season, there hasn't been any. Actually there were. Does the day Tom Donahoe came to town ring a bell? Then there was  the day they drafted Mike Williams. Remember the Welcome Drew Bledsoe parade on Abbott Road? Then there was the day where the Bills introduced their new uniforms at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Hmm, remember that one? And the day they took a flier on Willis McGahee. And the days they hired Gregg Williams, Mike Mularkey, Marv Levy, and Dick Jauron. Sure, if anyone can sell perpetual hope to a bunch of saps, its Wilson and his C.O.O. And sadly, people are buying. Yup, pile them all up and they mean about as much as two barrels of German Deutsch marks after World War I. That's why I'm writing here today. Do I think this is "the year?" The year to what? Finally make the playoffs (only to be sent home a weekend later)? With a young team, an infusion of free agents on defense, and half the team's injured reserve list returning (for now at least), my hopes swelled a little more than last year. Then came the ice pack of Brett Favre to the New York Jets. The Jets have stopped at nothing to improve their team from last season's 4-12 campaign, spending over $100 million to get the team from near worst to near first in the AFC East. What's another $12 mil, right? The Dolphins went and inked Bill Parcells to be their VP of football operations, and while he was a Hall-0f-Fame head coach, many pundits say it was his skills as a talent evaluator that gave him the edge. Then there are the Patriots, who have to just keep-on being themselves. In other words, how do you look at the Bills with any hope for this year, or even the future for that matter? Especially, when the Bills spent more time taking home games to Canada this offseason than worrying about replacing Marv Levy as GM with a football guy, or replacing their awful offensive coordinator with his underling quarterbacks coach, who has zero success coaching anywhere in the NFL. Not to mention, their Pro Bowl left tackle Jason Peters hasn't been in western New York since Locker Clean-up Day. Maybe it is Peters' agent's fault. So what? If you're the Bills, you don't trust JP Losman to take the reigns, so why would you trust your right tackle to guard the blind side for your second-year quarterback (Trent Edwards) who beat Losman out? Get ready for another year of Bills football. As those Lucky Baby commercials say, "Be There." Parcells. Patriots. A Packer legend now taking snaps in the Meadowlands. Meanwhile, the Bills will now play games in Toronto. Which one of these things is not like the other? That's not to say the Bills don't have a chance this year. Just like any other year.

08/09/2008 12:06PM
Perpetual Mope
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08/25/2008 7:36AM
Boston Scott
WOW - Well the Bills are the only team in the AFC East that I don't hate (besides my Pats of course) so good luck and don't worry Ralph will die soon! Yeah yeah I know then they'll move well I don't think so but we shall see.
11/12/2008 8:22PM
Rickie Glover
11/15/2008 6:56AM
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12/11/2008 1:35AM
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