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I meant to write this a coupla days ago.  I forgot my password.   It's not that I really forgot it, what I forgot is which one to use.  Ya see,  I have many, many passwords for computer usage.  At last count, I have 4 different passwords for checking email, system log-in, blogging, and web site administration.  And that's just for work.  I don't even know how many I have for other on-line activities like banking, bill paying, email log- ins, Facebook, etc.  If I ever get a knock in the head, I'm gonna be in trouble, cause I keep most of the passwords in my head.  Now, I have trouble remembering what I left a room for to go retreive by the time I leave that room, so maybe I should write my passwords down.  With my luck, I'll lose the piece of paper with the passwords on it!

08/31/2009 4:59AM
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09/03/2009 6:32PM
Kane-O here's a bit of advice to help you with your password situation. I read this on a geek blog somewhere. Make your passwords easy to remember, but never duplicated by doing something like this. Your passwords for say, Gmail, Yahoo, and Facebook,should look like this: KaneOGmail123, KaneOYahoo123, KaneOFacebook123..... you get the idea. That way you only really have to remember one password, but you never use the same one twice! Hope this helps.
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