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(sigh) I Knew it Was Too Good To Be True!

Well, that didn't take long.  Even before ink could dry on performance contracts, the big, BLACK SABBATH Reunion is off, at least a tour with the 4 original members.  Of course, there is the serious health issue (Lymphoma) facing Tony Iommi, and apparently, drummer Bill Ward wasn't happy with the wording in the contracts, feeling that he wasn't respected. (?)  So, The Sabs are not going to tour. Well, there will be a tour that will be billed as "Ozzy Osbourne & Friends," but it won't be the same, not after all of the build-up for a possible BS reunion. That's unfortunate because there are not many "originals" left and it would have been ultra-cool to have one of the most influential Classic Rock bands Eh-Vah get back together to play "Iron Man," "War Pigs," "Sweet Leaf," and all of those killer tunes.  Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, & Ginger Baker successfully did their CREAM reunion back in May of 2005, but that too fell apart when they decided to expand their reunion tour past the 4 days at The Royal Albert Hall. The Eagles have done okay reuniting, and so have other bands, but to have the original Black Sabbath get back out there would have been the Rock & Roll highlight of the year! IMHO. They are not the first, nor will they be the last classic rock band to discover that making up can be a lot harder than breaking up.
As Charlie Brown would say, "Rats."
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Can't Afford to go to No Concerts!

Van Halen tickets: $165 (top ticket price) Roger Waters (top priced) tickets-$215 (!) Roch. Int'l Jazz Fest Headliner shows-$85 & up...
Is there a recession still goin' on? Are people still struggling to pay for necessities and gas and food and stuff? You'd never think that by these outrageous ticket prices...Years ago, I used to be able to snag free tix (a benefit of the job...) but these days, I have to buy concert tickets like everyone else, or I should say, NOT buy them because, I can't rationalize spending that kind of money for a concert.  None of these performers are hurting for cash, but many of the people who might like to see these shows are excluded because of the exhorbitant prices being asked.
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Thoughts on the State of The Union Address

Coupla observations about things while I was checking out the hall audience during the Prez's speech on 1/24:
1) Our country is being run by wealthy, old men and (some) women. Not old like in their 60's, but ancient, in their 70's & beyond. Great. No wonder things in the U.S. are so F'd up...out of touch people with no clue who go to bed too early to keep up with anything pertinent.

The "divide" between the two major parties (Dems & GOP) was on full display (not that it needed to be). In my opinion, there are too many standing ovations, but one side of the audience, with few exceptions, sat during every ovation for the President. Like they had a stick up their asses and were glued to their seats. They wouldn't have gotten up to show any kind of respect if their pants were on fire.
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New Van Halen!

"Tattoo" is the new Van Halen song.  I Like it! It F**kin' Rocks! That's a good thing...I wasn't hoping for any ballads. :D
Unlike the 2 songs that were recorded for the "Best of VH" album in 1996, there'll be an entire album of new VH music coming on February 7th. ("A Different Kind of Truth") I think that this will be a much more concentrated & concerted effort than the seemingly slap-dash inclusion of the 2 new songs from the "Best OF" CD. 
VH has also got a date in Buffalo (First Niagara Center) on March 9th.  Tickets (IMHO) are a bit "pricey," but what isn't these days? And we're talking 'bout 100%, Genuine, Original, Volume-Goes-To-11, VAN HALEN!  If ya wanna get a cool preview of what the boys will sound like, you can check the videos that have been made available form their January 5 show @ the Cafe Wha? show in NYC.  WCMF will be playing the new song, and more from the new disc when we get it. Not to state the obvious, but you know that WCMF is gonna be the only radio station in Rochester who will play this!!  Very Cool.

Watch the new video here:

Van Halen - Tattoo from Van Halen on Vimeo.

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CLASSIC ROCK Lives in 2K12!

Well, Happy New Year to You’s!  For Classic Rock fans, it’s already shaping up to be a helluva year, proving once again that Classic Rock Will Never Die! 

Sadly however, we do observe and pay tribute to the artists and musicians who will no longer play their music, but left plenty of it behind to carry on their legacy.

In the Classic Rock realm this past year, we lost guitarist Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy, Solo Artist), Clarence Clemons (E Street Band), Gerry Rafferty (Stealer’s Wheel), and Jani Lane (Warrant) among others. 

 However…There’s a mind-boggling list of heritage, classic artists that have big plans for 2K12:  VAN HALEN!-New song this month, New album in February, GIGANTIC tour to follow! AEROSMITH!-New album of all-new recordings (their 1st since 2001) and tour to follow…BLACK FREAKIN’ SABBATH!!!-Ozzy, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, & Bill Ward getting’ it back together for a new album and worldwide tour. THE ROLLING STONES!-This year marks the Stones’ 50th Anniversary!   WHAAAT????!!!!  There's word that former members Bill Wyman & Mick Taylor will possibly be participating for some shows…

 Let’s Rhaaahhk!

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A Rant & A Rave About Rush

Well, I guess it shouldn't come as any surprise that those in charge of nominations have once again passed by our favorite, awesome, über-cool, hard-rockin', Canadian trio for induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  I can see (?) why Erik B. & Rakim made it on over Geddy, Alex, and Neil. Ugh. Please! As if it weren't bad enough that freakin' ABBA was voted in ahead of RUSH! Hell, even Rolling Stone Magazine didn't give props to the band until 2 years ago!
Whattaya expect from the people who haven't yet inducted Lynyrd Skynyrd or Black Sabbath?

Doesn't matter. For those of us who have always "known," RUSH doesn't need the formality of being nominated for the HOF 'cause they are in a class by themselves.  Still making compelling, energetic, and creative music and bringing it to the people. And if you can't make it to see 'em, or if they didn't come to your town recently, you can always turn to the impeccable "Live" DVDs that have been made available in the past few years. In keeping with this tradition, look for the new, live set from RUSH coming November 7th called, "Time Machine 2011-Live In Cleveland." Kind of ironic that this set is from Cleveland and that's where the Rock hall is located...Further proof (not that you need it!) That this band remains a veritable
Additionally, RUSH will also be releasing a vinyl only version of the complete concert performance of "Moving Pictures." Sweet! But wait...there's more!

Coming on November 21st will be "SECTORS"--3 Box sets that cover all of the RUSH albums on the Mercury label released between 1974-1988. Each box will contain 6 discs, including a special, high-resolution 5.1 Surround-Sound mix of 1 of the enclosed albums. Lotsa cool, previously unreleased photos and interesting thingees are included. You can check out more at rush.com.

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Stones "Some Girls" Dee-Luxe!

In 1978, The ROLLING STONES released “Some Girls,” one of their greatest albums in a career full of great albums. It became the best-selling album of their career, and on the eve of its Deluxe Reissue next month, 33 years later, it remains a timeless listen. Full of Keith’s inimitable riffs, it’s “All killer and no filler.”  Ain’t a bad song on the album, and certainly, classics like “Miss You,” “Beast of Burden,” and “Shattered” still sound really cool pumpin’ out of the radio.  The rest of the songs on this masterpiece flesh out one of the tightest and toughest Stones album Ev-ah...Mick’s Country & Western leanings in “Faraway Eyes,” the absolute down n’ dirty title track, “Some Girls,”  and another inspired cover of a Motown classic, The Temptation’s “Just My Imagination.”  The “Some Girl’s” re-issue is out on November 21st in a variety of configurations, with recently discovered, un-issued songs, and lotsa cool photos and stuff.  With the very successful, recent release of the Deluxe “Exile On Main Street,” “Some Girls” is the next logical choice of Stones’’ re-masters as it is easily in the same stratospheric level as its predecessor. A “must-have.”  
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Who Don't Love ZZ TOP?

No one, that's who! Everybody loves the Texas Trio.  How could ya not?  La Grange, Cheap Sunglasses, Tush, Legs, Tube Snake Boogie, and the list goes on and on.
For 40 years, the ZZ-3 have never wavered from their trademark Texas Boogie, having fun, and being uber cool the whole time!  There very well could be some new ZZ TOP after the new year, but coming out on October 11th is "A Tribute From Friends," featuring many ZZ TOP classics interpreted by a fascinating list of performers, including a loose-knit  group known as "M.O.B. The band is comprised of John McVie & Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, Hotshot guitarist, Jonny Lang, and Steven Tyler, and they'll be covering "Sharp Dressed Man."  Other performers on the tribute include Nickelback and Daughtrey (of American Idol fame).

Additionally, ZZ TOP is presenting their first ever "La Grange Festival" on October 22nd in Austin, Texas. Some of their friends, like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, will be joining them. Find out everything one would care to know about ZZ TOP @ zztop.com.
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Classic Rock Albums Redux

Well! There are some noteworthy, new re-releases of some of Classic Rock's best recordings available this month...
With digital downloading of music quickly eclipsing other means of listening to music (CD's especially!), record companies & artists are looking for any way to squeeze a few more dollars from their fans.  Re-packaging & re-mastering of classic recordings is nothing new, but on-going advancements in sound reproduction have these recordings sounding absolutely pristine!  Of particular note this month:  BOB SEGER's 2 fantastic "live" albums, "Live Bullet," & "Nine Tonight" are available as of 9/13/11, both featuring a previously unreleased song. The "new" song on "Live Bullet" is and old R & B tune that Bob does a nice turn on, but if you already have the CD/LP, I wouldn't rush out to replace your copy.  Now, PINK FLOYD, realizes that the days of the compact disc are numbered, so they're going BIG one last time with "Why Pink Floyd?" It's an ambitious re-issue of all 14 Pink Floyd albums, with "Dark Side," "The Wall," & "Wish You Were Here" receiving special attention.  The "Dark Side" re-issue is available as a 2- or 6-disc collection, and goes on sale 9/27/11. "Wish You Were Here"  & "The Wall" will be available in November and February 2012 respectively. What you'll get is a staggering array of leftover recordings, demo versions of songs, captivating "live" (previously unreleased) songs, alternate versions, video, etc.  If you are a "major" Floyd Fan, you might wanna think about picking this up, or possibly ask for it for the Holidays...
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30 Years in Retrospect

Well. That was quick. It doesn’t seem like 30 years have passed since I first opened the mic @ the Mighty 96.5 WCMF. Didn’t think I’d be here this long. Didn’t have any compelling reasons to leave.  I had always envisioned myself getting back to do radio in New York City @ WNEW-FM, which was the radio station I listened to in my musical “formative years.”  That station was musically intense, had great air personalities, and played a lot of music that was decidedly outside the mainstream.  That would explain why, until I came to Rochester, I had never heard of or listened to bands like Rush, Styx, REO, and AC/DC.  I never made much of an effort to get back to New York because things continued to go well for me here. Plus, having already had the experience of living in New York, I had the benefit to be able to compare and I preferred the smaller-city life of Rochester. I have never regretted that decision.

For the record: In my 30 years, I have worked for 5 owners, 10 general managers, 8 Program Directors, and broadcast from 5 different locations. And of course, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many talented & creative individuals both on and off the air. With the exception of a brief, 6 month shift of 6-10pm, it’s always been Middays. 10am-2pm, 10am-3pm, 11am-3pm, 11am-4pm, 12noon-4pm. It’s always been Middays, spending many a work day laying out the soundtrack for your work day. It has been a tremendous pleasure to be your Work Force Supervisor for lo, these many years. Thank you. More to come…

In the next blog: How I Got The Job @ WCMF
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