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Y'know, I've received some flack about my opinions, beliefs, thoughts, blogs, etc. And believe me, I expected it before I ever walked into the studio now known as The Break Room. And I think it may have to do with the idea that I don't take myself seriously. And in this industry almost everybody takes themselves seriously. I used to produce a midday talk show in this town. I truly think the listeners of that station believe the hosts put-on capes and masks after each show and solve the world's problems. But its not just personalities. It's callers and listeners, too. I used to produce and host sports talk shows and I'd get the same 12 guys calling into each show. I won't name them, but if you've followed the local radio scene, you've probably heard at least one of their calls. If you need a hint, they're the only guys who call with nicknames. Then there's the guy (or "lady") who calls-in to anonymously yell at the producer and then hangs-up, says they're a "loyal longtime listener who's turning the dial," threatens to call the FCC, calls in NOT to go on the air, but to tell the producer to let the host know their opinion, or call for a host to be fired as if the station hotline rings to a red-lit phone under a clear plastic dome. So it doesn't surprise me when I say or write something and people think I'm a p---k, a d--k, a s------d, an a-----e, an elitist, ignorant, a douchebag, a typical Yankee fan, a Bible-thumper, or a loser. I've heard it all before. And I'm flattered you take me seriously, because I sure as heck don't. :-) Then again, maybe that's one of my biggest flaws. In fact, I know it is. I recently wrote a piece complimenting true Red Sox fans, who now can finally feel the way true Yankee fans once did. Instead, I got a bunch of flack for it. So I defended myself. Then got some flack for that, too. I never write anything for shock value. Effect, always. But never for sheer "ohmigods". But one thing I never want to happen is that I get teed-off (I have my Christian censors up) and just berate someone who may half listen, or misread something I say or write. Because, at the end of the day, we're not curing (the proverbial) cancer. Lumpy said something on the air today that made me even re-think what I said and wrote in regards to Red Sox fans: When I say "bandwagon" fans, I should probably be saying "fairweather." All fans are on a bandwagon of some sort. He's absolutely right. I'm just used to the idea of the term being associated with the word "jumper" next to it. So I just flippantly used it without thinking it through. For that (and that alone) I apologize. I hate fairweather fans. And if you're a diehard fan of anything--Ultimate Fighting or The Grateful Dead--you know exactly the poseurs I mean. Some of the best baseball discussions I've ever had were with Red Sox fans. Steve Hausmann and Curt Smith are just a couple. They know the game. When I hosted my own show, my best callers were Red Sox fans. I don't need to kiss their arses--it is what it is. Discussing baseball with only Yankee fans can become redundant, and you hardly ever learn anything new. My last piece was a tribute. It was just taken the wrong way. This isn't a retraction. It's just me stopping myself before I make enemies where I needn't. I understand some people are longtime listeners to station I just joined. I do appreciate that kind of loyalty, but don't ever think that'll influence anything I write here. But I'm not here to make enemies. I'm just here because they tell me I have to write this stuff. So I might as well tell you what I think I think (all respect, Peter King). But one thing I read a lot of on those anonymous message boards is that I need to ask John DiTullio for tips, or need to be more like Tools. Sorry. I'm not John DiTullio. And I say this because he and I are good friends. I'm not a "stathead." John can recall the '72 Rose Bowl with the vivid clarity of the Vizio in his mind. I can barely recall the '04 ALCS after Game Four because it nearly put me into therapy. That's why I do what I did in that last piece--look stuff up. I don't do sports like John. I won't do sports like John. Because it's not me. I could do a typical sports guy report, but that's not what you wanna hear. So as long as we understand each other, I think we'll get along fine. I do appreciate your thoughts and comments. Even the dirty ones. :-)

05/29/2008 5:17PM
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05/29/2008 10:43PM
YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!! And this, Danny-boy is why we love havin' you in The Break Room! Great explanation of fairweather vs. bandwagon, fabulous clarification. No need for a retraction. And while we don't need Tools back, you have to admit that there are some comparisons to be made. It is not often that you hear (on Rochester Radio) decent sports guys, and certainly not 2 on the the same dial in the morning. So forgive us the comparisons and I will ease up on the references. But - you the man! Great blog! Love listening to you on the show. Now, if we can just find you a nice girl to settle down with - I hear Sally's single again?!?!
06/02/2008 11:05AM
Boston Scott
Oh Danny Boy I'm glad they're still lettin you blog from behind the walls of the FLDS compound up there,considering all the trouble lately! But seriously Dan I for one haven't made any comparisons or comments about you & JD who I also consider a friend and if ya ask me is just one of thee nicest guys in Rochester! Anyway, it seems I have gotten under your skin. Good!! that was my intention, that's how we Bostonians play but I was only playin smackdown with ya Danny. I knew EXACTLY what you were doing in tryin to compliment us and I was just screwing with ya. Something I will always take the opportunity to do to a Yankmees fan. To me it's all in fun. Ask around I'm a 45 yo Cripple who's somewhat unbalanced and who has no life so it's what I do to waste time. I'm a great guy just ask me and I'm sure you are too despite your misguided loyalties to certain teams. And no I didn't mean to suggest you should root for either Toronto Or Cleveland. I think you should stick with your local Red Wings not only because they are in your town but because they, much like yourself, are Minor Leaguers! Say a prayer for me Dan I can use all the help I can get!! HAVE A NICE DAY 8)!!!! CYA !!! Your Friend, Boston Scott P.s. Have a thick skin my friend don't let people get your panties in a bunch too easily! Proverb 617 Book of Boston Scott
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