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New "Don't Text & Drive" TV Spot

Gotta give credit to our friends across the Atlantic in the UK for producing the new Public Service TV spot about texting & driving.  It's very, very graphic.  And it needs to be!  It amazes me how many people fail to grasp the seriousness of this activity and the tragedy that can result.  I see it all the time on the expressways and it's scary.  Not just teens, mind you, it's all ages.  Used to be you had to watch out for people who just can't drive, now you can get killed by idiots sending/reading  text messages while they pilot a 2-ton machine at upwards of 60mph.  F**k'n insane!  Anyone who texts should be made to watch that commercial numerous times.  Some will get the message, but sadly, we all know that many won't.  Please pay attention to your driving.

08/26/2009 9:35AM
New "Don't Text & Drive" TV Spot
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