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New Van Halen!

"Tattoo" is the new Van Halen song.  I Like it! It F**kin' Rocks! That's a good thing...I wasn't hoping for any ballads. :D
Unlike the 2 songs that were recorded for the "Best of VH" album in 1996, there'll be an entire album of new VH music coming on February 7th. ("A Different Kind of Truth") I think that this will be a much more concentrated & concerted effort than the seemingly slap-dash inclusion of the 2 new songs from the "Best OF" CD. 
VH has also got a date in Buffalo (First Niagara Center) on March 9th.  Tickets (IMHO) are a bit "pricey," but what isn't these days? And we're talking 'bout 100%, Genuine, Original, Volume-Goes-To-11, VAN HALEN!  If ya wanna get a cool preview of what the boys will sound like, you can check the videos that have been made available form their January 5 show @ the Cafe Wha? show in NYC.  WCMF will be playing the new song, and more from the new disc when we get it. Not to state the obvious, but you know that WCMF is gonna be the only radio station in Rochester who will play this!!  Very Cool.

Watch the new video here:

Van Halen - Tattoo from Van Halen on Vimeo.

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01/10/2012 12:22PM
New Van Halen!
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01/10/2012 5:58PM
100% Original Van Halen
The only way they would be 100% original is if they had Micheal Anthony playing bass and singing the harmonies...
01/12/2012 5:46PM
Van Halen
Fans are strange... They all wish for Van Halen to do something new... hope Dave joins the band.. blah blah blah.. Then they come out with a new record with David Lee Roth... and a tour and some fans just have to knock it.. never happy.. Just be glad there is some new music by a band that you have been waiting to hear from.
01/12/2012 5:48PM
All Van Halen Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Van Halen Just Rocks
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