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Meth is a Helluva Drug!

Dateline Tuesday December 13th 2011 - Bay Saint Louis Mississippi - Meet 49 year old Mark Andrew Rice. Mark was a truck driver and over the years of driving certain routes, Mark met a prostitute named Natasha Carpenter. In time, the two fell in love and THEN, in September of 2009 Mark bought the pro an engagement ring and asked her to marry him. She, of course, said yes.
The two love birds were on one of Mark's Truck routes that took him to Barstow California and as part of their "engagement celebration" the newly engaged Natasha agreed to some special engagement sex. What is special engagement sex, you ask? If you're Mark it means you get to tie up Natasha's arms and legs and put a gag in her mouth as Mark acted out a fantasy.
Apparently, that didn't end up going so well...because Natasha suffocated and died. So what does Mark do? What any guy in that situation would do - he panics, and then buys "all the meth his dealer had" and drove to Kiln, Mississippi with Natasha's body in the truck's cab under a tarp. Mark then set fire to the truck with himself and the body inside. I guess he had planned to kill himself but police pulled him from the burning truck.
At his hearing yesterday Mark said, "I had been up for days. I was not thinking clearly." Mark was sentenced to 6 years for arson and desecration of a body and he was also ordered to pay Natasha's family about $4,100 for the cost of her funeral.
That is your rock life story for today, Wednesday December 14th 2011

 HERE for the full news article

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12/14/2011 1:31PM
Meth is a Helluva Drug!
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