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Baby Mama Drama

Dateline Thursday December 1st 2011 - London England. I'd like you to meet 25 year old Marc Kasperzack. Marc is on trial right now because he got tired of being with his girlfriend and mother of his child. And of course, this is the rock life, so it's never just that easy. 
The reason he's on trial? Back in Mayhere's how the events began to unfold - The two are home, Marc and 27 year old Michelina (the baby mama for those keeping track) were just hangin out...when apparently, Marc had enough. Marc told Michelina that "she was not as good-looking as the girls he saw at the gym..." then he tased her, knocking her out and paralyzing her. And I guess Marc had been planning this for a while because he had recruited an accomplice - an 18 year old guy that Marc paid to help him out.
The two guys, Marc and the 18 year old, take the still paralyzed Michelina, bind her, gag her and then put her in a large computer box and taped it all up to secure it. After they taped it all up they cut a couple holes in the box to make sure she got air. Which is really stupid since then they took the box and burried it in a shallow hole and piled dirt around the box and on top of it, finally placing a large branch on top of the box. That's how they left her, out in the middle of nowhere, burried alive in a box.
Amazingly, somehow Michelina was able to unbind herself using her engagement ring and dig her way out of the box. It took her an hour and a half, she estimates, to get out of everything. After escaping the box and dirt, she was able to flag down a passing motorist for help.
Marc and the 18 year old were arrested and are charged with attemtped murder, kidnaping and false imprisonment. They're on trial now. That's your Rock Life Story for today, December 7th 2011


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12/07/2011 12:35PM
Baby Mama Drama
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