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Have receieved more than a few phone calls about "Parties In The Park," which 'CMF has hosted (along with Gerard and the nice folks at UP ALL NIGHT PRODUCTIONS) since it's inception a dozen years ago.  We are not involved this year with PITP as the City of Rochester decided to go "in another direction."  Huh?  Not to worry though!  We're cooking up some excellent,  FREE musical entertainment later on in July with "BANDS ON THE BRICKS" at Rochester's Public Market, so watch this space and keep it locked on The Mighty 96.5 WCMF!  DK
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CSN @ CMAC 6/10/09

aan older picture of a much younger Me, GRAHAM NASH, & Scott Spezzano (mid-1980's) Ya know, there are few things as enjoyable as going to a show at the amphitheatre in Canandaigua.  A beautiful Spring evening, the rolling green hills of the campus, and the warm, fuzzy, nostalgia that accompanies a CSN show.  It was a really good show.  The 3 grizzled Veterans of the Cosmic Wars ambled out on stage (Crosby & Stills looking a little more grizzled than Nash) and started the show with a very quiet and tasty selection of acoustic songs.  They opened with "Helplessly Hoping" and "You Don't Have To Cry" before they they launched into a 4 song tribute to "some people they like," which were the ROLLING STONES (Ruby Tuesday!), JAMES TAYLOR, TIM HARDIN, AND BOB DYLAN.  Very nice indeed.  After that came all of the time-tested favorites: "Long Time Gone," "Southern Cross" (excellent!), "Wooden Ships,"  "Our House," "Guinnevere" (AWESOME!), "Deja Vu" (again, AWESOME!) BUFALO SPRINGFIELD songs-"For What It's Worth" & "Bluebird."  The singalong encore of "Teach Your Children" was nice.  Noticeably missing (and missed!) was "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  No matter as there was plenty enough to groove on.  Besides, that's a tough song to do and I think that if they thought they couldn't make it worthwhile, then it was probably best.   The 3 men can still harmonize bee-yoo-tifully!  Granted, there's not as much power behind the voices and the songs are sung in a somewhat lower and gentler register, but they still blend those beautiful and distinct voices together like no other performers.  Made the little hairs on my neck stand up. Just excellent.  Steven Stills has long been considered a most talented guitarist.  He still is.  Without a doubt.  He made his Stratocaster wail.  He attacked it in solos like he was beating off a swarm of angry hornets.  The crowd (median age of at least 45, I'd say) loved every minute of it.  So did I. Where you there?  What'd you think of the show?  Feel free to comment! DK
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Blog Schmog

Welcome to My Blog.  Management here is pretty big on this kinda thing.  We all gotta blog, so I'm blogging too.  Personally, I don't read blogs and I don't know that what I write will be of any interest to anyone, but I will try to make things here worth the minutes that you may spend here hoping to read or find out something interesting.  Of course, if you's have anything you want to know about, complain about, suggest or comment on, well, I'm all ears and will address your concerns.  Honestly. A coupla things:  I have been here at the Mighty 96.5 WCMF for 28 years. (not counting the 3 months of "imposed exile" from Dec. 07-March 08)  I cannot be any more proud of this radio station or feel any more privileged to have worked here for so long.  It is quite uncommon for an air talent  to stay in one market for so many years.  It happens, but as a whole, radio has always been a very transient business by nature.  I was very fortunate early in my career to find something I like to do in a place I like to do it.  I love living and working in Rochester N.Y. I love this radio station.  If you cut me, I will bleed WCMF.  I remember listening to the radio station while in college (SUNY Brockport) and when I got a job at the Ames Department store out that way, I always had it on in the car stereo department.  I used to tell the guy I worked with that I was gonna get a job at 'CMF.  He told me he as gonna get a job at Kodak.  I don't know if he ever did but I got the job I wanted and I'm still here.  And WCMF is still here.  After 40 years.  In one format!  We have always been Rock & Roll in one form or another.  I guess we know how to do it after all this time.  We have also dispensed with a number of challengers and wanna-be's.  I'll tell you this right now:  we have always and will always be committed to providing Rochester with the best possible Rock & Roll music, personalities (all "Live", btw), features, giveaways, etc.  We actually give a shit about you.  WCMF doesn't "import" talent from other markets.  Everyone on the air at WCMF lives here.  This radio station is part of the fabric of Rochester.  We span generations.  Your parents probably listened to us.  (that is, if your in your teens or 20's or 30's)  I (We) sincerely hope that you will continue to recognize WCMF as Rochester's Premiere Rock & Roll Radio Station. I hope you will listen to the radio station.  Lots!  I invite you to contact me with any questions, concerns, gripes, praise, whatever. I will respond.  You can post comments here, or email me at davekane@wcmf.com  If ya wanna chat, my direct phone # is 585.423.2906, so ya don't have to mess around with going thru the switchboard. Thanks for reading this.  More to come...
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