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Allman Bros. @ CMAC 8/22

Late summer in Western NY and the Allmans play Canandaigua again.  Beautiful night.  Big crowd.  Excellent show!  Opening with "Hot Lanta!" and then "Done Somebody Wrong," & "Midnight Rider."  Not a bad note all night.  It's always nice to have seats under the shell, but it's always a nutty scene on the hill.  Walking the hill at about 11:15, I counted at least 2 dozen unconscious people.  And that was just on one side!  Yikes!  Great jams for a great night!
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Joe Perry (AEROSMITH) stops by WCMF

Joe & Kane-O! 4:30 PM Thursday: a rep from JOE PERRY's management company calls and sez, "Joe's passing thru, can he come up to talk with you?"   "Sure!" I sez, "C'mon up!" 6:40PM Thursday:  Joe Perry shows up (in his very cool JOE PERRY GUITAR HERO bus!) and we proceed to spend about 45 minutes hangin' out and chattin' about all kinds of things: hot sauce, new knees, mac & cheese, video games, Les Paul, and music too.  Joe shared a taste of his new solo record called "Have Guitar, Will Travel," and he was a gas to hang out with and talk to.  With Steven Tyler currently out of action, and a handful of AEROSMITH dates having been cancelled as a result, Joe is on his way back home to Bah-stin and he's stopping in at rock stations that matter and sharing some of his time and his music. 7:45pm Thursday:  Joe and I say goodbyes, he promises that he'll be back in the area "sooner than later."  Joe & his guys are hungry so I give his bus driver directions to the Dinosaur BBQ.  Whatta afternoon.  One of the many reasons why I love my job! Listen to Kane-O's interview with JOE PERRY
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Bad Co. & Doobie Bros. @ CMAC 7/2

Sheeeeeeit....that was one helluva fine show!  That the rain held off was a good thing too.  I gotta say, both bands delivered most excellent sets...hard to say whose was stronger as there was no shortage of well-known classics.  I'd probably give the edge to BAD CO. with literally every song a killer: "Can't Get Enough", "Rock Steady," Burnin' Sky,"  "Run w/ The Pack," "Movin' On," all of 'em!  And they sounded great!  Paul Rodgers has still got a voice that is rich & powerful, and it's strength and tone belie the fact that he's 60+ years old.  F***'in awesome!  Ladies & Gentlemen, on guitar...Mick Ralphs!  When there are as many classic guitar riffs that Bad Co. has, you don't want anyone other than the originator of those licks to be playin'  them.  There's no more of a "classic" rock sound than a Gibson Les Paul thru a stack of Marshall amps.  Sweet!  Let's not forget 2nd guitarist Howard Leese, who spent a bunch of his years with HEART.  He really added some depth and fine guitarring to the show! Doobies were also really "on it."  One hit after another, delivered with passion & enthusiasm made for a great opening set.  The addition of the sax player really rounded things out nicely, especially for "Takin' It To The Streets," and my fave of the night, "Long Train Runnin."  Man, did that songs have BALLS!  "Listen To The Music," China Grove" (of course!), "Black Water," "Rockin' Down The Highway," and some excellent blues/boogie numbers.  A full shell of rockers @ the CMAC made a whole bunch of noise.  Whatta great way to start the long holiday weekend! Hey CMAC...lose the $8 beers!  There's a recession goin' on, ya know!  Sheeeeit.
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Any way you look at it, 50 years of age is too young to die.  Take away the eccentricities, the oddness, everything that made people raise their eyebrows, and you have one of the most original, incredible, exciting musical talents that people will ever see or hear.  I guess if he is to be remembered for anything it should be the music he made, his indelible stamp on popular music, and the joy he brought to his fans.  I must say that I too raised my eyebrows frequently from all of his public misadventures that fueld the tabloids.  I was very bitter about the fact that MJ owned the publishing rights to a majority of the BEATLES song catalog, and I hated it when I heard Beatles' songs used for advertising and knew that he would profit from it.  But he was an incredible talent, and his passing is premature, stunning, and sad.
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CSN @ CMAC 6/10/09

aan older picture of a much younger Me, GRAHAM NASH, & Scott Spezzano (mid-1980's) Ya know, there are few things as enjoyable as going to a show at the amphitheatre in Canandaigua.  A beautiful Spring evening, the rolling green hills of the campus, and the warm, fuzzy, nostalgia that accompanies a CSN show.  It was a really good show.  The 3 grizzled Veterans of the Cosmic Wars ambled out on stage (Crosby & Stills looking a little more grizzled than Nash) and started the show with a very quiet and tasty selection of acoustic songs.  They opened with "Helplessly Hoping" and "You Don't Have To Cry" before they they launched into a 4 song tribute to "some people they like," which were the ROLLING STONES (Ruby Tuesday!), JAMES TAYLOR, TIM HARDIN, AND BOB DYLAN.  Very nice indeed.  After that came all of the time-tested favorites: "Long Time Gone," "Southern Cross" (excellent!), "Wooden Ships,"  "Our House," "Guinnevere" (AWESOME!), "Deja Vu" (again, AWESOME!) BUFALO SPRINGFIELD songs-"For What It's Worth" & "Bluebird."  The singalong encore of "Teach Your Children" was nice.  Noticeably missing (and missed!) was "Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.  No matter as there was plenty enough to groove on.  Besides, that's a tough song to do and I think that if they thought they couldn't make it worthwhile, then it was probably best.   The 3 men can still harmonize bee-yoo-tifully!  Granted, there's not as much power behind the voices and the songs are sung in a somewhat lower and gentler register, but they still blend those beautiful and distinct voices together like no other performers.  Made the little hairs on my neck stand up. Just excellent.  Steven Stills has long been considered a most talented guitarist.  He still is.  Without a doubt.  He made his Stratocaster wail.  He attacked it in solos like he was beating off a swarm of angry hornets.  The crowd (median age of at least 45, I'd say) loved every minute of it.  So did I. Where you there?  What'd you think of the show?  Feel free to comment! DK
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