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(sigh) I Knew it Was Too Good To Be True!
Well, that didn't take long.  Even before ink could dry on performance contracts, the big, BLACK SABBATH Reunion is off, at least a tour with the 4 original members.  Of course, there is the serious health issue (Lymphoma) facing Tony Iommi, and apparently, drummer Bill Ward wasn't happy with the wording in the contracts, feeling that he wasn't respected. (?)  So, The Sabs are not going to tour. Well, there will be a tour that will be billed as "Ozzy Osbourne & Friends," but it won't be the same, not after all of the build-up for a possible BS reunion. That's unfortunate because there are not many "originals" left and it would have been ultra-cool to have one of the most influential Classic Rock bands Eh-Vah get back together to play "Iron Man," "War Pigs," "Sweet Leaf," and all of those killer tunes.  Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, & Ginger Baker successfully did their CREAM reunion back in May of 2005, but that too fell apart when they decided to expand their reunion tour past the 4 days at The Royal Albert Hall. The Eagles have done okay reuniting, and so have other bands, but to have the original Black Sabbath get back out there would have been the Rock & Roll highlight of the year! IMHO. They are not the first, nor will they be the last classic rock band to discover that making up can be a lot harder than breaking up.
As Charlie Brown would say, "Rats."
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