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Posts from September 2011

Who Don't Love ZZ TOP?
No one, that's who! Everybody loves the Texas Trio.  How could ya not?  La Grange, Cheap Sunglasses, Tush, Legs, Tube Snake Boogie, and the list goes on and on.
For 40 years, the ZZ-3 have never wavered from their trademark Texas Boogie, having fun, and being uber cool the whole time!  There very well could be some new ZZ TOP after the new year, but coming out on October 11th is "A Tribute From Friends," featuring many ZZ TOP classics interpreted by a fascinating list of performers, including a loose-knit  group known as "M.O.B. The band is comprised of John McVie & Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac, Hotshot guitarist, Jonny Lang, and Steven Tyler, and they'll be covering "Sharp Dressed Man."  Other performers on the tribute include Nickelback and Daughtrey (of American Idol fame).

Additionally, ZZ TOP is presenting their first ever "La Grange Festival" on October 22nd in Austin, Texas. Some of their friends, like LYNYRD SKYNYRD, will be joining them. Find out everything one would care to know about ZZ TOP @ zztop.com.
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Classic Rock Albums Redux
Well! There are some noteworthy, new re-releases of some of Classic Rock's best recordings available this month...
With digital downloading of music quickly eclipsing other means of listening to music (CD's especially!), record companies & artists are looking for any way to squeeze a few more dollars from their fans.  Re-packaging & re-mastering of classic recordings is nothing new, but on-going advancements in sound reproduction have these recordings sounding absolutely pristine!  Of particular note this month:  BOB SEGER's 2 fantastic "live" albums, "Live Bullet," & "Nine Tonight" are available as of 9/13/11, both featuring a previously unreleased song. The "new" song on "Live Bullet" is and old R & B tune that Bob does a nice turn on, but if you already have the CD/LP, I wouldn't rush out to replace your copy.  Now, PINK FLOYD, realizes that the days of the compact disc are numbered, so they're going BIG one last time with "Why Pink Floyd?" It's an ambitious re-issue of all 14 Pink Floyd albums, with "Dark Side," "The Wall," & "Wish You Were Here" receiving special attention.  The "Dark Side" re-issue is available as a 2- or 6-disc collection, and goes on sale 9/27/11. "Wish You Were Here"  & "The Wall" will be available in November and February 2012 respectively. What you'll get is a staggering array of leftover recordings, demo versions of songs, captivating "live" (previously unreleased) songs, alternate versions, video, etc.  If you are a "major" Floyd Fan, you might wanna think about picking this up, or possibly ask for it for the Holidays...
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