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The Break Room
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Kane-O! (Dave Kane)

Middays: 10:00 - 3:00

Joe Perry (AEROSMITH) stops by WCMF

Joe & Kane-O! 4:30 PM Thursday: a rep from JOE PERRY's management company calls and sez, "Joe's passing thru, can he come up to talk with you?"   "Sure!" I sez, "C'mon up!" 6:40PM Thursday:  Joe Perry shows up (in his very cool JOE PERRY GUITAR HERO bus!) and we proceed to spend about 45 minutes hangin' out and chattin' about all kinds of things: hot sauce, new knees, mac & cheese, video games, Les Paul, and music too.  Joe shared a taste of his new solo record called "Have Guitar, Will Travel," and he was a gas to hang out with and talk to.  With Steven Tyler currently out of action, and a handful of AEROSMITH dates having been cancelled as a result, Joe is on his way back home to Bah-stin and he's stopping in at rock stations that matter and sharing some of his time and his music. 7:45pm Thursday:  Joe and I say goodbyes, he promises that he'll be back in the area "sooner than later."  Joe & his guys are hungry so I give his bus driver directions to the Dinosaur BBQ.  Whatta afternoon.  One of the many reasons why I love my job! Listen to Kane-O's interview with JOE PERRY
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