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By Joe Buscaglia
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Jim Kelly's doctor: "No evidence of the cancer"

Jim Kelly has gone through many battles throughout both his playing career and life to earn the respect and adoration from many around the country. Upon finding out that Kelly's cancer had returned, the support and prayers spilled out for both he and his family in the extremely trying time.

After an enduring stretch of both radiation and chemotherapy treatments, the initial tests for the former Buffalo Bills quarterback and Hall of Famer have come back with the results everyone had been hoping for.

In a statement from Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, it was revealed that in the three months after the conclusion of the treatments that Kelly, his family and Bills fans everywhere had something to cheer about.

"The treatments so far have completely eliminated Mr. Kelly's pain, and his level of function has essentially returned to normal," said Dr. Peter Costantino. "Further, on physical examination, there is no evidence of cancer."

The former Bills quarterback will now undergo some additional testing over the course of the next week.

"It is possible that no further treatment will be required, and the testing over the next week will define the issue."

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/20/2014 4:27PM
Jim Kelly's doctor: "No evidence of the cancer"
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08/20/2014 5:01PM
Thank you god.
Way to go kelly on the way you fought your way back. Lord only knows we did not need another bill to leave us. But in our hearts we knew you could do it. You always had that i am not going down without a fight in you. On the field and off the field Now kelly just sit back with the rest of us. And watch the bills kick some primetime a$$. I said this plenty of times before but these bills got a lot prove to themsevles the fans and to late Mr Wilson And The Kellys. For me that the reason why i think they are going to make the playoffs. It's Just to many people and the league that's already counting us out. And the players keep on saying to them. Watch,listen,and you are going to learn about counting us out. Hey i am with you boys. Lets get ready to tear the nfl up. lets go ruff buff.
08/20/2014 6:26PM
Answered prayers!
Thank You, Jesus! Prayers answered!
08/20/2014 7:07PM
Way to go, Jim!
Kelly tough!
08/20/2014 7:11PM
Kelly Tough
Jim, I liked you a bunch when we drafted you, didn't like you at all in Houston, liked you early on as a Bill, grew to love you as a repeat AFC Champion, grew to respect you outside of football as Hunter's devoted Dad and finally realized you were off the charts admirable as you fought your cancer. Bravo my man! You motivate me to fight the obstacles I face and I'd be comfortable guessing I'm far from alone in that.
08/20/2014 7:23PM
Best news in a long time!!
08/20/2014 7:59PM
A Tough Guy.....
and an inspiration for all. Keep up the good work, Jim!
08/20/2014 10:51PM
Kelly Tuff Huh?
Way to go Jim!
08/20/2014 11:01PM
Thats great news!
08/21/2014 12:47AM
Awesome news
Praise god Jim , as a cancer survivor myself I am ecstatic to hear the news. God is good!!
08/21/2014 2:01AM
Jim Kelly s battle
Love you Jim been praying alot for you and your family Bills fan since the mid 1960 s Charles Amherst High Grad 1972 living in Ca Bills Club Huntington Beach Ca God Bless you buddy im so happy for you your a true fighter
08/21/2014 5:45AM
Congrats Jim
Finally a bit of good news, keep up the good work and stay positive
08/21/2014 1:13PM
Congrats Jim!
I admire your strength and courage! We fought for your number in school. I'd love to see the Bills bring u on if your bid falls through "which I hope it doesn't"! The city would love it and EJ could use the help! Congrats man! Bills backers of Florida!
08/22/2014 12:37PM
Bon Jovi bud?
Perfect timing. Just swept away his "behind our backs" association with JBJ.
08/22/2014 1:40PM
Stay strong, you the man!
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