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I am OUTRAGED over the East Side Flasher

Is this not the year 2010? Can I not go to the internet and see video of things happening around the world? So how is it that a man is able to “flash” women at 4 different locations on the “East Side” of Rochester, maybe even 5 locations and there is not one picture, video or anything? Yes, there is a picture from a security camera on the Nazareth College campus, but this picture is only slightly better than any Big Foot picture I have ever seen! I am outraged that citizens on the East Side are not ambidextrous enough to endure both the shock of being flashed and catching the event on a cell phone! How is it that right now I can watch video of a guy falling on a city street, someone one slipping illegally through a red light or peeing in the company coffee pot, but not of the East Side Flasher! I am sure I am not alone in my outrage. For crying out loud people we have the technology, let’s use it! Let’s use the technology to not only try to catch this pervert, but at the very least to entertain our fellow suburbanites. Imagine the flasher video in slow motion, whipping open his coat, the slow gurgled scream of a shocked citizen, the slow motion turn and run of the flasher with his lily white backside gleaming in the sun! You know you would watch it over and over. Yes, we are missing quality internet entertainment from our own backyard. It’s an outrage!

04/07/2010 3:44PM
I am OUTRAGED over the East Side Flasher
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04/09/2010 10:06PM
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04/21/2010 6:55PM
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Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!
04/28/2010 3:01AM
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05/04/2010 5:22AM
Sam Chatman
Bill there are some very DISTURBING things happening around this country and I think it's somethig that the public need to know about,I have not herd about this on any of the news channel maybe you can get Balls Breen to do some investigating into this, you can google SHARIA COMES TO DEARBORN MICH. maybe we should ask the question what should we really be worried about in this country and why do we try to continue to be politically correct when it come to foreigners allowing them all excess when they hate westerners? how did we get to this point why are the watch doggs watching the wrong people, and when will this happen in our city? How do we continue to give people not born of this country anything that they want and deny american born and raised everything,remember google sharia comes to dearborn mich. put it out there for all the public to here and possible see if they want thank.
05/24/2010 5:29AM
Bill I'm still waiting for you to bring to light the disturbing thing that are happening in DEARBORN MICHIGAN, google (SHARIA COMES TO DEARBORN MICH.)
05/24/2010 5:43PM
Really like the show but ......Whats up with Bill Moran constantly giggling. He sounds like a little girl at her first sleepover. Is he just doing the show high everyday. How annoying. Tommy is the coolest, funniest guy in the universe. But does Bill have to laugh at everything he says, really? Everything???
06/23/2010 4:49AM
Moran Dick Bill
Look at the "Big Brain on Brad" !!! Mr drama queen is going to school everyone on the effects of oil !!!! You do seem that stupid NOT to know what will happen to the fish. Also Mr drama queen no one cares of the price of the fish...your are going to kill them period!!! Actually your NOT and never were going to kill the fish ...your agent even said you might lose your job along wilth alot of sponsors!!! SO it was a hoax sorry you do not know what a hoax is even thou your DOING it!!!! And this is why the big people upstairs will NEVER look at you seriously about ANYTHING!!! Also you do not realize how bad you let everyone know you were that bully in school and when it really starts happening to YOUR kids is when you will get the effect of your actions in school Mr Drama queen. And just to give you and example of DRAMA were trying to to get the verdict thrown out because a juror had somewhere to go on saturday on the Rahn trail...even Perinello shut you down and you asked 3 different people if that matters...and NO ONE CARED DRAMA BILLY QUEEN!!!! And by the way please call another Diner and have some one NOT talk to you....You actually think Mayberry is all DRAMA...people eat and leave DUMBASS!!!!! So actually please PLEASE KILL THE FISH ...YOU WILL BE GONE!!!! ALONG WITH SOME SPONSORS ALL DRAMA!!!!
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