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I Don't Text

The conversation goes like this: "Hey, I sent you a text about________...didja get it?"  ME: "No, I don't text."
Silence. Then the stare that says, "Oh, you're still in the last century."  So it goes. Given that I love music that's decades old, is it any wonder that I still prefer personal contact with those that I want to be in contact with?  I get it.  It's convenient, it's quick, it's helpful.  But I tell ya, that sh*t is like crack! All it takes is 1 text; once you start texting, there is no going back.  You can't stop because even if you wanted to, other people won't and you'll still get lots & lots of text messages.  You'll walk around like almost everyone else, (and I mean everyone!) not watching where you're going, staring at cryptic messages on a tiny screen on your shiny device. Worse, you'll be staring at the tiny screen while your car drifts into my lane on 490.  Fortunately for me, I don't feel the urgency or need to be in constant and instant communication.  This is my personal choice. I have a cell phone that's...a phone! I talk on it.  I might take an occasional picture.  If I miss your call, I hope you'll leave a vocie mail and I'll get back to ya.  Additionally, I'm pretty adept at speaking & writing in the English launguage...I don't think I'd ever get used to wrtng msgs 2 U in this form, LOL. 
In an ever-increasing impersonal, isolated society, I still prefer
personal contact.  Again, I understand the usefullness of texting for some, but I'm not going there.  So if you send me a text, I probably won't get it...but don't take it personally, I don't text on my personal time.

Actually, that's not completely accurate...I'll text with ya all day in the WCMF studio...I'm not distracted and can give your text the attention it deserves! Feel free to send me one. Or 2. Send what you got to 80761.

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12/01/2010 9:54AM
I Don't Text
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12/04/2010 11:33AM
Training for texters
Did you see there's a new application for these phones that converts text to voice so the user can HEAR words rather than look at the little screen when driving? It also converts spoken word into text for the user to send back. Gee, maybe someday"these kids" will learn how to TALK on the phone!
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