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I Can't Wait...

...for election season to be done!  Y'know, a few weeks ago, the political TV campaigns had some civility...some, not a lot.  Now, well, you've seen & heard the ads...the election season seems like a schoolyard spat, with name calling, and tattling on the other's malfeasance, and just general nastiness.  Great. These are the people we're supposed to elect to represent us.  The upcoming elections will boil down to what they always boil down to: a choice of the lesser of 2 evils.  Originally, I wasn't going to vote for any incumbents;  that doesn't make a lot of sense...as distasteful as I find some of the candidates, regardless of politcal party, I'm still going to vote for the person who I think will do a better job, or at the very least,
a less-suckier job.
I'd like to get all of our political reps in one room, slap 'em all in the head, and tell 'em to get their f**kin' heads out of their asses and get some work done.

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10/26/2010 9:49AM
I Can't Wait...
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