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The Break Room

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I'm Christian Dan, and you are...?

Hello, I'm Christian Dan Borrello, (two R's, two L's, two O's), the sports guy for The Break Room morning show here on CMF, and the token Christian in the room. (Trust me.) Since I'm the new guy, for all intents and purposes, let me give you a little background about me. * I've lived in Rochester since September of 1998 when I entered St. John Fisher College as a freshman. I graduated (on time) in May, 2002. * I've worked in radio for six years now, as well as 13WHAM-TV and write a sports column for the Dunkirk (Chautauqua County) Observer--the paper that serves my hometown of Silver Creek. You can read my already-published columns here: www.reading-the-d.blogspot.com. * I'm in a band called "Digglers Bridge" where I sing and play guitar. (www.digglersbridge.com, www.myspace.com/digglersbridgemusic) *  My radio history includes producing shows on that right-wing 50,000-watt AM station, hosting and producing shows on that lesser-known sports talk station you can't even get in Webster, working on an FM signal that flips formats like the Chili Peppers switch guitarists, and a formerly live-and-local-now-defunct traffic service. So far, so good, right? And yes, after all that, I still believe in God. I'm sure in reading this space, you'll learn more about me. I don't want to reveal everything right how more than you already know. I also plan on writing my takes on sports, life, misconceptions about Born-Again Christians, and most importantly, The Break Room. Any way, apparently we're writing blogs now. By "we", I mean broadcasters, radio people, morning show personalities and not columnists, beat reporters, or journalists. However, as a columnist (I still don't really believe it myself) writing a blog comes as easy as rattling off baseball scores. So I figured I'd use this first one to introduce myself and set the standard for how this space shall be used: YOU CAN EXPECT ME TO: ...tell you the truth--ahem--or at least my version thereof. ...tell you what I think I think (all apologies to SI's Peter King). DO NOT EXPECT ME TO: ...be perfect, in behavior, or in any thing said or written. ...watch golf, NASCAR, any type of racin', rasslin',  or UFC events. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care. I barely care about the NBA and NHL and that's almost because I have to. ...know anything about golf, NASCAR, any type of racin', rasslin',  or UFC events. ...tell you where Tommy lives. ...act self-righteous. ...give Sally daily massages. ...get into religious debates every day. ...match. I'm colorblind. ...rant. I look forward to interacting with you and getting to know each other. I'll also try to tell you something new about me on a blog-per-blog basis. So let's start with today: Back in 2002, after I graduated from Fisher, I received an internship from the Buffalo Bills Media Relations Department. While I never would recommend that job to any college student who wants to be an objective media member in their lifetime, one of my jobs was getting guests from the Bills to appear on CMF's morning show. (While I worked part-time at 1180 WGOP. ) I got to watch several shows, drink lots of Dunkin Donuts coffee, and knew that that was the kind of show I've always wanted to be a part of--sitting on the couch and doing real morning radio. Thank God I'm finally here. Even though I'm sure He blushes every time He listens. - db

05/14/2008 7:55PM
I'm Christian Dan, and you are...?
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05/15/2008 4:54PM
Michele Martin
Hi Dan, I just wanted to say hello and let you know I appreciate you being public about your faith. I'm a Christian listener who likes listening to the Breakroom in the morning and I got a thrill when I started hearing your name (the Christian part):) because I so enjoy the personalities and forthright viewpoints on the station, and have always hoped that a beleiver who Tommy and Co. would listen to (but not weird)would enter their midst. The people on the air at your station crack me up as well as help me to feel better even, in their appraisal of life situations both light and serious. Anyway, it's always bugged me as a Christian that Christian radio is so cotton candy cheerful and might I say, even annoying. I feel bummed when I hear everyone at the station comment on Christianity as if it's silly and mans' creation and all that. I am so grateful for you and am going to add you to my prayers as you help the CMF radio staff to know He's real.. and great... :) Sincerely, Michele
08/16/2008 9:10PM
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