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I'll still take Rochester...

As I read the news about the start of Hurricane Season and the always-burning wildfires on the west coast, I always reflect on where we live.  True, Summer apparently got here only last week and there's no guarantee that it'll hang around long, but...we don't get hurricanes (we get a sh**load of rain, tho), wide expanses of Western NY aren't burning, Lake Ontario is not getting ready to flood lakeshore communities, and the earth generally doesn't shake us out of bed or cause our buildings to crumble.  Yeah, winter can be a little rough around here but it isn't as bad as some places in the Midwest.  So, all in all, it ain't that bad.  Besides, if the weather wasn't always interesting, we'd have a lot less to talk about.

08/19/2009 5:38AM
I'll still take Rochester...
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08/20/2009 9:07AM
KAYNO, It's too bad that the station can't clone you! Out of all the DJ's, you are a true fan of the music you play and the back stories on songs or stars make your program so enjoyable. LOVE the "Friday Song" (actually everything stops @ "The Workshop of the Telescopes" on that hour!) Also Sunday Breakfast with the Beatles is the start of Sunday listening. Keep it up. The good work, I mean! Sincerely, G*MAN (and "Agent Special K", along w/ Agent K-9 and K-9B) Remember FOGHAT dedications! Thanks!
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