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Happy Labor Day!

If you own a house, you probably did something like this over the long weekend!

09/07/2009 6:59AM
Happy Labor Day!
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09/10/2009 5:56AM
Staci - 1st official member of Breakroom Auxiliary!
I think Black Shelly would be a great addition to the auxiliary...she is a little feisty, but we need the diversity!!
09/25/2009 4:29AM
Bill, What the hell, You look like you are ready for the tree to fight back with all that armor on. Suggestion, You could start your own home improvement show on the weekends. Being a home owner myself, and being in a relationship, I can relate to doing the honey-do-list. Currently working on re-finishing hardwood flooring in a spare bedroom, soon to be office, computer room, den whatever you want to call it. Anyway, keep up the good work on the home improvement projects, and The Break Room show. Listen every day and you guys keep it going in the morning. Peace!!!
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