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Emotions Run Deep on Health Care Reform

This guy got very upset during Eric Massa's town hall meeting in Victor last night. This guy and I were part of the "overflow" group that did not get a seat in the auditorium. Eric could not hear this guy, however we could hear Eric, but not see or interact with him. Be sure to check out more video from Eric Massa's town hall meeting in Victor, inculding the follow up to this in our video section!

08/27/2009 9:30AM
Emotions Run Deep on Health Care Reform
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08/27/2009 2:13PM
John Q. Public
Omg dude you're so right-Massa writes crap and then spits it back at us not caring what we think...more people need to stand up like this guy...he doesn't accept this deception. Massa is NOT being a "representative" he's acting more like a despot! I too am fed up I have been quiet way too long and I now am awakened as well. WE MUST TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!!
08/28/2009 6:52AM
Can't view the video, however, the audio alone is priceless. Finally, someone with a voice in a public setting.
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