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Election Season is Comin' Soon...Oh Boy

So, I was playing Alice Cooper's "Elected" today and I realized that the "political season" will soon be upon us.  More impassioned pleas from those either in or hoping to be in elected office.  Commercials on radio & TV, fliers, robo-calls, all with the same message: "I can make a difference," or "I want to do things differently than the other guy."  Yeaaah.  Heard it before, and I'm not looking forward to hearing it again.  This year I am very tempted to vote 'em all out of office.  That is, I might vote for anyone who doesn't currently hold an elected office or position.  Lookit, we can't do much worse (IMHO) than the people who currently occupy various elected positions in the region, in the state, or in the country.  The NY State Senate stayed out of work for a month.  And they got paid!  Rochester's elected office holders couldn't come to agreement on Ren Square.  (don't get me started on that one!!)  Nothing is getting done and I know people besides myself are upset.  Don't get me wrong...I know that among the elected, there are a number of dedicated, honest, & hard working individuals.  But the fact remains, that each side of the aisle (Democrats & Republicans) despise each other simply because of their political party affiliation.  Needless to say, when legislation is introduced by one side, it's a sure bet that it will be voted on along party lines.  One side will vote against it simply because it was introduced by the other side.  Who are these elected officials representing?  Not you & me.  This is utter nonsense and I am really, really tired of it.  Now, I realize that my one vote against incumbents might not amount to much of an influence but....if everyone makes the decision to not vote for those already in office or seekeing re-election, well, that might make a difference. 

08/13/2009 9:57AM
Election Season is Comin' Soon...Oh Boy
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08/13/2009 12:08PM
AMEN! I'm sick of those that are supposed to represent "we the people" refusing to do anything just because "the other side" started it. Nothing will ever get done that way, and if they can't get along, we SHOULD bring in a new batch, and if THEY don't get along, vote them out! Eventually, they've got to figure out that if they want to keep the job, they have to COOPERATE - just like we all learned to do in kindergarten...
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