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Dan's Top 25 Favorite People of 2008

Yes, the list is back. Last year, I made many friends and many more enemies putting this exclusive list on myspace. Same rules apply as last year: 1) No blood relatives or current girlfriends are eligible. But since I'm single, only the former applies. 2) No Saviours of the world are eligible because He'd win every time. 3) They have to be currently alive. However, fictional characters are welcome. 3) Take this with that proverbial grain of salt. If you're not on the list, there's always next year. FIRST -- Here's a list of all the people who made last year's list, but somehow missed this year's... 10. Joba Chamberlain, RHP, NY Yankees. Don't get hurt in 2009, and you'll be back here. 9. Tony Soprano. Come back and prove to us you didn't really get whacked, and you'll be back here. 8. Kristen Miranda, former reporter, Channel 13. Come back to Rochester and you'll be back here. 7. John DiTullio. I still love ya. Miss ya buddy! Ohh! Ohh! Miss ya! :-) 5. Doug Emblidge. Still cool. Just haven't talked to him. Maybe he should join Facebook. Don Alhart did and we're friends, Doug. 3. Nat Ellis, former drummer, Digglers Bridge. Where the (heck) did you go? TIE 2. The Killers... Your new album sucks. 2. Paulie Walnuts. What, did they whack you, too? 2. Marv Levy. Thanks for leaving the Bills and putting them back into the hands of the Crypt Keeper. Honrable mentions from last year that did not make this year's list: Dem Jones -- You're still cool, though. Brian Robinson -- You couldn't let Lumpy get into the computer for 90 seconds during your four-hour show? C'Mon bro. Matt Basille -- We get coffee, you're back. Here we go. DAN BORRELLO'S 25 FAVORITE PEOPLE OF 2008: 25. Brad Davies. Number 25 in the program, but number 16 or 17 in my heart. Move back and you'll make the Top Ten. Then treat me like a colleague for once. 24. Craig Mosher. Occasional sound guy for Digglers Bridge. Missed you Saturday night. Oye! 23. Lou Aliquo. Left "The Dude" just in time... 22. Erin Miller. The first Silver Creek person to attend a Digglers Bridge gig. Then she got all hot. Just ask her. She'll tell ya. 21. President Elect Barack Obama. I really wasn't enamored for either candidate in this year's election. But this is more about NOT being President Bush than anything else. And for all you idiots who championed this Regan wanna-be in 2004, this was a re-do. 20) Megan Carter. Ex-girlfriend who bitched about not making last year's list thanks to the rules. Well, you finally got whatcha' wanted. Here you go. 19) Mike Danger. Did better last year, except this year he made me fill-in for Megan Carter after giving her my job, then giving The Break Room an aircheck of mine to rip the following morning. Douche. 18) Pastor George Grace, FBBC. Helped frame my current state-of-soul. Knows his Good Book. 17) Andrea Holland. "Fif!" 16) Scott Pitoniak. Still can't believe the guy got fired. Somebody's gonna die. (Figuratively speaking, of course.) 15) Joe Torre. Last year's winner. Doesn't look as good in Dodger Blue, but still the man. By they, did Joe Girardi make this list? Geez, I don't see him. 14) Kane-O! Enjoy our good discussions on Rock-n-Roll, Judaism, and the stuff I have yet to inhale... ;-) 13) Joy Scheible. Got to know her pretty well this past year. However, she loses points here because her dog, Daisy, tried to bite me once. Bitch. No, not Joy, the dog. That and she once tried to mix vodka and wine and pass it off as lemonade at a party. Throw-in some rufies, and she may have been number one! No, not the dog. Joy. 12) Racin' Randy Salerno from Newark. Should run for Mayor. Great dad. Great man. If you need "a guy," he's got "a guy." 11) Pat Duffy. Rochester's funniest radio comic. Wait, am I forgetting anyone??? 10) Derek Jeter. Playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? TIE 9) Joe Santa Maria. One of my best friends from Albany who knows all of the four digit beer sales codes between the Mississippi River and Switzerland. And F-Molson-Coors-Miller for firing him. TIE 9) Joe Venniro. Always there. Always ready. 8) Digglers Bridge. Steve Horton, Ken Welling, Anthony Ciulla and former member Dan Barney. We hope to continue mimicking rock legends for money well into 2009. "Digglers Bridge: We'll Do Better Next Gig." PS--Thanks Barney! Like the gravy, no lumps! ;-) 7) Jennae Moran. Only a mother and wife of three Moranimals deserves such an honor. 6) Derek Cornwall. Yes, a cousin by marriage, but according to the rules, that's a loophole. NOW, FOR DAN BORRELLO'S FAVORITE PERSON OF 2008... Yes, you're only on five...because I need five spots... This group of people changed my life, helped me grow a spine, taught me what real radio and humor sound like, and came through and bailed me out of one of the darkest periods of my young life. It's the best radio show in Rochester. And that's not bias. It's troof. Remember, I'm Christian Dan, and I don't lie. (Often.) DAN BORRELLO'S FAVORITE PERSON(S) OF 2008: 1) The Break Room on 96.5 WCMF. Bill Moran--Hardest working man in radio. Besides Randy Gorbman who, like news, never sleeps. Tom Mule--Laziest man in radio, but the funniest. Besides Pat Duffy, but Pat will probably have a heart attack so it won't matter anyway. Sally Carpenter--If we married, I'd have TWO bosses who were Jewish carpenters. Yeah, I suck. Rich "Lumpy" Flaherty--Has no real quirks or issues. Easily the most normal guy I know. Phil(Billy) Sherman--Wiffle Ball/Karaoke/Mario Kart King of the 315 with big hopes, and bigger dreams. Thank you all. And if I get fired from that show, it's machete time. And finally, the Worst Person of the Year is: Ralph Wilson, Jr. The Buffalo Bills would have made the playoffs at least once this millennium of it weren't for that meddling senior citizen. Now, they probably won't see the postseason in his lifetime or mine. Happy Holidays and better luck next year! db

01/08/2009 7:38PM
Dan's Top 25 Favorite People of 2008
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