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Cast Off!

About three weeks ago I punched a wall in my basement. A cinder block wall. It broke my knuckle and a fractured other bones. Good times. First I was splinted and after the swelling went down, I was fitted with a blue cast. ( I never took a picture of the cast!) Look how swollen my un broken fingers are! Today the cast was removed. Cast-less hand.  Looks like an old man's hand...I guess it really is! It was recommended I have brace put on, I declined. However, I do have my pinky "buddy bandaged" to my ring finger. Buddy bandage We all have been told 'it's what is on the inside that counts.' I guess that's true 'cause when the insides are broken...it HURTS! Here's a look at some of my insides. X-Ray Best

02/25/2010 2:51PM
Cast Off!
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02/25/2010 3:03PM
what ever had you fumen...u did good.
02/25/2010 3:18PM
Bill Moran
You 'aint kidding - everything is pretty good, but the pinky knuckle is a little crooked now!
03/23/2010 9:39PM
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02/01/2011 1:04PM
Wow, you're pretty stupid. Way to be a good role model for your kids, was someone "fucking with the phones" that day?
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