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Calcium Deposit

I really want to use this space to break my typecast of talking about only Christianity, sports, or my dad. So how does the calcified vein on my testicle sound? It's the left one. Guys, you know the one--the olive that seems to cling a little closer to the branch than his twin. Yeah, that one. Being Italian, I'm already paranoid of the "evil eye", wiretaps, and the occasional yacht invite since nobody I know ever goes fishing. Since cancer runs in my family, I'm also nervous about bumps, lumps, coughs and even Camel Lights. A few days ago, I noticed some soreness in my nether region. So I checked myself. And found something. Turns out it was nothing. But I didn't know that something was nothing until a doctor (well, a PA really) told me it was just a buildup. (You can interpret that however you want.) And having nothing has never sounded so good.

06/25/2008 12:51PM
Calcium Deposit
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11/15/2008 8:12PM
Muriel Case
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11/16/2008 9:07PM
Charmaine Delgado
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