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The Break Room
965WCMF: Former personal assistant of Freddie Mercury has put together a book on his favorite recipes. https://t.co/KKSkNBIzVu

The Break Room

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Black Licorice

Our son Jordan had another test today at Strong. It was not painful, just time consuming and he really wanted to go to school! Really wanted to go to school? Today was gym and he wanted to show off his new kicks, makes sense. He went to Strong and despite wanting to be somewhere else, he did the test without complaint. That deserved a treat. He chose...black licorice?!

02/24/2010 2:16PM
Black Licorice
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[...] sent out some black licorice pipes which I've already reviewed (that didn't stop me from ...WCMF Black LicoriceBlack Licorice. Posted in: Uncategorized. Our son Jordan had another test today at Strong. ... He [...]
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