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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills name 6 captains, Manuel not among them

At the start of the regular season, teams around the National Football League will vote players in the locker room to serve as their captains for the year. When put up for a team vote the Buffalo Bills selected six players to be their captains, and quarterback EJ Manuel wasn't one of them.

The team announced that running back Fred Jackson, center Eric Wood, defensive tackle Kyle Williams, defensive end Mario Williams, linebacker Brandon Spikes and cornerback Corey Graham were voted by their peers as a leader of the team. Jackson, Wood and Kyle Williams all served as captains in 2013, while it's the first as a captain with the Bills for Mario Williams, Spikes and Graham.

This will be the fourth season that both Kyle Williams and Jackson have been a captain for the Bills. Each of the six players will have the letter 'C' sewn on to their jerseys for game day.

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09/01/2014 12:44PM
Bills name 6 captains, Manuel not among them
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09/01/2014 12:50PM
Football season.
Listening to your show makes football season NOT fun.
09/01/2014 1:51PM
The players know
Who to rely on.
09/01/2014 1:52PM
Orton will be starting QB for the Home opener anyway in week two vs Miami after the train wreck at Chicago.
09/01/2014 1:55PM
Browns 2015 draft
The Browns will have the top two picks in next's years draft. Question is, who will have the worse record, the Browns or the Bills? I see at least 2 receivers on IR by the 4th week with lil Manuel at QB.
09/01/2014 2:34PM
It's tough for E.J., but nobody can say he hasn't been given every chance to take the reins of this team, this offense. It's the No. 1 football league on the planet, so every player has to compete for a job, it's not supposed to be easy. He'll be given his starts early on, but if he's not effective (the opener in Chicago would be tough for most teams), Marrone shouldn't hesitate to pull him for Kyle Orton -- he owes it to the team, the long-suffering fans, and incidentally his own coaching career. That's life in the big leagues.
09/01/2014 2:38PM
LOL Manuel! I'd think you would want your QB to be recognized as a leader by the team.
09/01/2014 3:47PM
Loud and clear Dougs x 2
"These are the guys we trust."
09/01/2014 4:02PM
Why would Manuel be a captain? Doesn't that take some form of leadership? Always telling when the team votes in guys that were not on the roster last year.
09/01/2014 4:04PM
EJ Manuel should not be a captain. He is not a leader. A captain has to lead by example, and a captain has to have some fire in the gut. Thats not EJ Manuel.
09/01/2014 5:53PM
That's why they are captains.
09/01/2014 8:37PM
..EJ responds to his teammates lack of faith and earns the respect of his team by his play this season. I'm still scratching my head over why Whaley had EJ number one on his board and NO ONE else in the NFL did. If EJ doesn't perform, Whaley should be fired along with the scouting staff so the Bills can start back at square one. Again.
09/01/2014 9:17PM
Whaley and Marrone are gone when EJ fails again this season....
They went all-in on EJ and it was a make or break pick for Whaley and Marrone. Both will be fired when the new owners buy the team. Since we gave the Browns our #1 pick next year to pick Watkins last year, we have at least two more losing seasons of total NFL irrelevance in Buffalo. Yay!
09/01/2014 10:00PM
Maybe Captain checkdown
09/01/2014 10:22PM
Thats a sign.
Doesn't sound like their "all in with EJ" anymore.
09/01/2014 11:10PM
Why Would EJ Be a Capatain?
He isn't even going to be starting, the players all know this.
09/02/2014 11:10PM
The Headline Reads Like This Is A Surprise
....Not sure why, EJ isn't a leader, he isn't even a starter. The players are very concerned about his ability to lead this team. they stated this very fact with their votes!!
09/04/2014 5:18AM
When was the last time a second year player was a Bills Captain?
Oh I know. Never. This is exactly why WGR is a joke.
09/04/2014 10:16AM
If and when he is fired, I don't see him being picked up as a head coach for any NFL ever. Bring back Harvey Johnson!
09/08/2014 10:41AM
What's with...
All the negativity in these comments? Bunch of whiny sad people.
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