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Kane-O! (Dave Kane)

Middays: 10:00 - 3:00

Bad Co. & Doobie Bros. @ CMAC 7/2

Sheeeeeeit....that was one helluva fine show!  That the rain held off was a good thing too.  I gotta say, both bands delivered most excellent sets...hard to say whose was stronger as there was no shortage of well-known classics.  I'd probably give the edge to BAD CO. with literally every song a killer: "Can't Get Enough", "Rock Steady," Burnin' Sky,"  "Run w/ The Pack," "Movin' On," all of 'em!  And they sounded great!  Paul Rodgers has still got a voice that is rich & powerful, and it's strength and tone belie the fact that he's 60+ years old.  F***'in awesome!  Ladies & Gentlemen, on guitar...Mick Ralphs!  When there are as many classic guitar riffs that Bad Co. has, you don't want anyone other than the originator of those licks to be playin'  them.  There's no more of a "classic" rock sound than a Gibson Les Paul thru a stack of Marshall amps.  Sweet!  Let's not forget 2nd guitarist Howard Leese, who spent a bunch of his years with HEART.  He really added some depth and fine guitarring to the show! Doobies were also really "on it."  One hit after another, delivered with passion & enthusiasm made for a great opening set.  The addition of the sax player really rounded things out nicely, especially for "Takin' It To The Streets," and my fave of the night, "Long Train Runnin."  Man, did that songs have BALLS!  "Listen To The Music," China Grove" (of course!), "Black Water," "Rockin' Down The Highway," and some excellent blues/boogie numbers.  A full shell of rockers @ the CMAC made a whole bunch of noise.  Whatta great way to start the long holiday weekend! Hey CMAC...lose the $8 beers!  There's a recession goin' on, ya know!  Sheeeeit.

07/03/2009 10:22AM
Bad Co. & Doobie Bros. @ CMAC 7/2
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08/08/2009 2:59PM
Carl Wisniewski
Great time. My buddy got free tickets and we expected to sit on the lawn. Too wet, so they gave us upper section seats. Saw some friends of the family. Saw Kane-O relaxing in his seat so I said HI. $8 beers suck! I'm unemployed.
10/14/2009 9:40PM
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