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BEATLES available on iTunes...Yeah, so?

After almost 10 years of questions & waiting & anticipation, and amid much fanfare & hoopla (on the network news, even!), the BEATLES entire recorded catalog is now available for download on iTunes. Until now, The Beatles' catalog has been the most glaring omission of available downloads on iTunes.  Hmmm...to date, their music on LP's, tapes, & CD's number more than a half-billion copies sold.  Is there anyone in the world who doesn't have some Beatles music or at least access to it? There have been plenty of opportunities: the original CD releases of some 20 years ago, then came stereo & mono-mix versions, then last year, the entire remastered CD catalog was re-issued, and just a few weeks ago saw the release of the Beatles' "Red Album," & "Blue Album," the only other recordings left to issue.

Most of the threads & forums I have seen on the subject seem to echo the same sentiment: 
People have downloaded Beatles (& other's) music from the web previously, shared Beatles music, bought the CD's etc.  Plus...there's a premium charge of $1.29 per song and like, $12-$14.99 for full albums.  Such a deal. For a compressed file (mp3) that sounds like sh*t. What's the point?  I understand it's convenient, 'cause if you can't figure out how to burn a CD, (that's about 3 people)  then this works good for you. I'll stick with my Beatles CD's.

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11/16/2010 11:45PM
BEATLES available on iTunes...Yeah, so?
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11/18/2010 3:03PM
BEATLES available on iTunes...Yeah, so?
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