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A-Roid Rage

Enough already. It's not our fault that Alex Rodriguez is his own worst public relations enemy. His admissions, his changing stories, and his pinstripe protection plan will all due him more harm than good in the coming months. For a man who once admitted he needed three different psychiatrists (if you can even believe that now) to help him through his mental midget state despite his statuesque size and his three AL MVPs and now pre-fabricated Hall-of-Fame numbers, if he couldn't hit in the clutch during playoff time, what makes anyone think he'll be able to survive road games, playoff at-bats, a year without Madonna, an expose due in May, and the ghosts of steroid users' past following him through October? If the Yankees even make it that far. That's another story for another day. It was bad enough in 2006 when even his All-Star numbers were hardly A-Rod numbers and needed the bat of a fellow user, Jason Giambi, to help him through a season where he admitted he may have had only three friends in the Yankee clubhouse. Alex's season hasn't even started yet. Only in A-Rod's world could baseball actually provide a distraction to the turmoil that surrounds his life, rather than the other way around. If only it weren't Alex Rodriguez in Alex Rodriguez's cleats. Ironically enough, in 2003, many die-hard Yankee fans protested the audacity of non-pinstripe patrons to swap Derek Jeter for A-Rod. Sure, Alex was the better player, but as Bucky Dent once told this writer after a charity dinner for Camp Good Days, "Alex has all the ability, but Jeter has all the intangibles." Who would have thought almost six seasons later that the Yankees would not only have both players manning the left side of their infield, but no pennants or championships to show for it? Even more intriguing, who would have believed that Jeter would still be more popular than Rodriguez, that the captain's legend would outgrow even his neighbor's, and that Yankee fans were absolutely right all along? # # # If the Buffalo Bills plan to draft guys with good "football character" in April's draft, could they at least draft guys who can win? Sure, Marshawn Lynch is a Pro Bowler, but after his third brush with the law in as many years (yes third, and he has Barretta's attorney to show for it) maybe it's time to, hmm, hire a real general manager who can decipher which punks can bring a Super Bowl run to Buffalo. Yes, a Super Bowl RUN. We have recalibrated our expectations after ten fruitless seasons. The Buffalo Bills of the early 1990's weren't exactly choir boys either. It's the NFL. You won't find a team without law breakers. But they won. Let's see: Donte Whitner, James Hardy, Ko Simpson, Lynch and even OJ. Playoffs? You kiddin' me?

02/19/2009 11:49AM
A-Roid Rage
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