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The Break Room

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A Break Room Blessing

First, we thank You for the opportunity to do what we do, and that we've now been blessed with the ability to trust each other after all most of us have been through. Your hands guide this show, even though no one will admit it, and even though you blush every time you hear it. A lot of people assume anyone can do radio, but they have no idea what really goes into it. So thank You for allowing us to continue in a business that is shrinking like so many other industries in this country. Father, I want to ask for your blessing on The Break Room. The  people in this room have been a blessing to me, and to each other, no matter if they do or do not realize it. As far as I'm concerned, You put me here at a time in my life when I needed this band of misfits the most, and I know I need them a heckuva lot more than they need me. So thank You. Lord, I'm going to ask You to bless this room, and each individual person in it, and those who have something to do with it's success. First: JT. Watch over him, his marriage, and his new family. Sue Munn and Mike Doyle: Every little bit helps! Kane-O! He's a good man, Lord. Guide him. Help him win the Marconi Award. Next: Racin' Randy, that those funny stories he tells us will continue without jeopardizing his life. We love Randy. Big Marc: Are You sure he's not sick with that weight he's lost? He looks good. Now if You could just help him pick out his own clothes. And Robinson: Why not? And Sales. Because we need to eat. Now for the room itself: Philbilly, because he seems like he needs Your help the most. If You could make him full time, that would be great, so he wouldn't have to watch the book at the "li-bary" anymore, and can spend more time with his wife, Tandy. What they do after that, Lord, only the three of (Y)you know, until he breaks it to the rest of us. Lumpy, bless him, his girlfriend, his mom, his pets and his button-pushing fingers, that have been falsely accused of douchebaggery, according to a co-worker. Please forgive that co-worker, for he knoweth not what he doeth. Sally, Lord, what she believes is between you and her, but Lord Jesus, we know this much: you're cousins! And you're both carpenters. So if You take care of Your own Lord Jesus, the rising tide will float all our boats. Also, please bless her dad, Stu, and her dog Luther as well. Next Lord, Moranimal, whom You knew long before as William, whom we all now know as Bill. He works hard, Lord. Harder than everyone in radio I've ever met. But he has two kids, who are just like him, and a darling wife, whom I hope my wife ends up being half as smart as, whomever she is. Behind every great man, is a greater woman. Thank you for Jennae, Jackson, Jordan, and Bill himself, Lord. Watch over all of them, their health as well as giving Mo the ability to do less work, and spend more time enjoying Guys' Nights with his boys, and that they all have the ability to be here together for a long, long time. Lord, last, but certainly not least in Your kingdom...well, YOU KNOW WHO. He calls you the Easter Bunny; I call you God. He calls you fiction, I call you a Fisher of men. Where I pray TO You, he preys on everyone who prays to You. And his name is apropos to his character. But I love him, just like I love everyone in this room. And I know, that he knows, that you know, that he's the funniest guy he knows. Just ask him. He'll tell you. Well, maybe not YOU Lord. But You hear him, even though he ignores You. Lord, thank You for Tom Mule, who calls us out on the carpet, who says what everyone cowardly fails to admit--even to themselves--and who helped me get my "guts" out from that proverbial jar, and my spine back, up until this morning. He's the least phony person I've ever met. And Lord, since he probably won't accept You as his Lord and Savior, if I die, can I take Tommy with me? An eternity in a new place can be rough if you're the new guy, and I'm pretty sure there's no one up there right now doing hooker jokes. Ask Mary Magdaline. In the meantime, please bless him, his dog Scotch, and that his cups runneth over with laughter, blessings, his car deal, and a special someone, for years to come. Because I know, that if there's ever been a time he's rooted for me or Christianity at all to be right, it's right now. :-) See Lord, nobody listening to this prayer right now can ever say they've never witnessed one of Your great miracles. Praise Your name, Dear Jesus. In the meantime, thank You for every person in this room, the Entercom Marketing Results Group for their faith in us, WCMF, and most importantly, its listeners, whom without, we have nothing. Bless them, Lord. And bless the other shows here, too, Lord. Because the more good things that happen at home for them, the less they'll have to talk about on the air, and then we'll win! Lord bless our show, the hands who prepare it, and Newman from the Bee, going through what he's endured down in Houston, and Kimberly from The Buzz, and all she's gone through as well. In the coming months, the seas shall rise, but if we trust in You, You shall calm the storms. And so far, I don't know of any other radio show in town asking for Your blessing. You'd think The Bee would have beaten us to the proverbial punch by now. And no matter what, we have more Jewish people working here than any other show. That counts. Thank you Lord, for every person in this room, who mean so much to me, to the listeners, and to each other. In Jesus Name, Amen.

09/18/2008 11:25AM
A Break Room Blessing
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11/15/2008 8:23AM
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02/05/2009 4:47PM
How awesome it is to read your prayer and also stumble upon you not only on Facebook awhile back but here on this website. I look forward to reading more and more of your comments and blessings Dan. God Bless you always, My son Jake Borelo and myself Lori McLay
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